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Although EUS is more correct than other imaging modalities for local staging of rectal cancer, it can't distinguish between an adenoma and cancer. Endoscopic ultrasound is especially properly suited to staging ampullary carcinoma since the high-frequency transducer may be positioned immediately on the ampulla.

Both plastic and expandable metallic stents are utilized in patients with malignant biliary obstruction. Plastic stents (10 to 11.5 French) have been demonstrated to occlude with sludge and particles within three to 6 months and thus ought to be modified at regular intervals to avoid cholangitis. Expandable metal stents have bigger diameters , are less more likely to become blocked, and tend to occlude due to tumor ingrowth.

When compared with ultrasound, CT, or MRI, EUS is much superior for the preoperative staging of ampullary carcinoma . As is the case with pancreatic carcinoma, ERCP has little function in evaluating sufferers with ampullary carcinoma for surgical resectability. Among patients who present with obstructive jaundice, ultrasound, CT, or MRI may be helpful if a mass could be visualized, but when not, ERCP or EUS may be the solely methods of visualizing the tumor. The most common discovering on cholangiography is an irregular, fastened defect of the distal common bile duct There is commonly bile duct dilation with or with out pancreatic ductal dilation, and distinction drainage may be prolonged.

Colon Cancer--Although EUS is also extremely correct for staging extrapelvic colon most cancers, it's clinically less helpful in this setting, as a regular surgical resection is indicated for all tumor levels. Precise locoregional staging might turn out to be necessary with the increasing use of laparascopic surgery for colon tumors and may be helpful for figuring out the appropriateness of neoadjuvant therapy. Although EUS can't distinguish between an adenoma and a T1 carcinoma, it could decide the integrity of the muscular layer with an accuracy of 90% to 97%. Patients with localized tumors may opt to endure transanal resection for rectal tumors and laparascopic resection for colonic tumors. Locally advanced tumors ought to be treated with standard surgical approaches.

Rectal Cancer--Endoscopic ultrasound is very correct within the locoregional staging of rectal most cancers. It cannot, nonetheless, consider distant metastatic disease and is complementary to a cross-sectional imaging study for full preoperative staging. Among these research that have used surgically resected tissue because the gold standard, the general accuracy of EUS is eighty four% for T-staging and seventy eight% for N-staging . By comparison, CT has an general accuracy of 68% for T-staging and 60% for N-staging . One research that in contrast EUS with MRI discovered EUS to be superior for native staging (83% vs fifty four%) .
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