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5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Digital Camera

by:ChangHui     2020-04-13
Looking for a digital camera? 5 major things to consider Are you looking for a digital camera? There are some things you got to have in your mind before you make that decision on which camera to purchase. This is so important because you won't spend your bucks on something that won't work for you- you will actually be happy after the purchase if consider these facts before you purchase a camera. Here we go; Megapixels You might want to go for a camera with bigger megapixel's which is not bad but it is not so important. I have actually found out that they are important if you are going to print huge pictures. Yes they give you a good picture on the screen but it means you might in the end use more money to print out the pictures. They also take a huge space on the memory card. For someone who is just going to be taking pictures and may be printing a smaller size-anything from 5 megapixels would do. I recommend that. Optical Zoom This is so important when purchasing a digital camera. You will need to get the images closer- you don't have to always walk close to an object to get the details. There are surely some cases where you will not be able to get closer to an object- for instance you are taking a trip on a bus, a tour in the park, it means you won't be able to get closer to wild life. You absolutely need this. However, the higher the optical zoom, the noisier the camera will get. But this isn't a huge problem. Type of batteries If you are someone who is always on the go, I would recommend you buy AA batteries. The reason is simple; you just replace them with new ones. However, with li-ion battery, where when you are in a foreign place or where you can't access a power socket, it gets difficult to have your camera function. Therefore, before you purchase that camera know where you will use it mostly. Size and portability With new technologies, cameras are getting slim by the day. Consider the size of the camera. There are those heavy cameras that perform the same way as a slim camera. Make a good choice on size! You need a camera you are going to be comfortable with in your hands. Don't buy the one you will drop a million times. Consider the availability and price of extras This is so important- you don't want to buy a camera and look for a compatible memory card in vain or it is very very very expensive. A camera where its bags are out of stock or the battery is worth half of the camera's price- that shouldn't be for surely. Research more about the availability of the extras before you make up your mind. Therefore, those are the major things you MUST consider before you purchase a digital camera. Of course there are others such as your budget, experience, warranty and many more. My advice to you is read as many reviews as possible before you purchase a digital camera. Make a lot of research, you don't want to dump your money on something that won't impress, isn't it? Go to , read customer reviews and so on. You can read some reviews on the thread I have provided below.
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