Focus on challenging optical components

Agglutination also called achromatic lens, lens is composed of two single lens through agglutination, in multicolor ( The white light) Imaging performance than single lens

by:ChangHui     2020-05-17
Optical ultrasonic cleaning machine fully USES the principle of ultrasonic physical, cleaning cleaning items, made by ultrasonic vibrator of high-frequency oscillation propagation in the liquid, by physical reaction, the tiny bubbles rising from the source, as the bubble slowly increased, and attached to the surface of the workpiece, the bubble increases to a certain value, the bubble will burst, at this time, will lead to objects stains off slowly, the stain on the objects is completely clean, take out the can. ( Join the right amount of detergent, cleaning effect is better) 。 Optical agglutination lens products involving the main industry for national defense, military industry, aerospace, industrial equipment, scientific research, medical, instrumentation, etc. The main products are industrial research in optical lens, all kinds of lens, cylindrical lens and so on all kinds of high precision optical element.
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