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Because of the information industry of the semiconductor and fiber production process involved in, consume a large amount of plate glass, quartz, ring, plate, flange, groove ship, diffusion furnace tube, the cleaning trough

by:ChangHui     2020-07-26
Rare earth elements in optical glass, the importance of rare earths are important minerals in our country, is one of the few in the world in our country, however, have extremely rare mineral reserves and in the past for a long period of time is the output of the very important resource in our country, but as the optical glass industry began to enter a new development in our country, our country also started the output of rare earths has tightened, corning 7980 quartz lenses, began to push the research of rare earth elements and the use. Through continuous study of the effect of rare earth elements on optical glass, can let us produce optical glass has more special properties, have more effect in all sorts of fields. What is in the production of optical glass raw material process 1, a single crucible smelting intermittent melting method and tank furnace ( See the kiln) Continuous melting method. Single crucible smelting method and can be divided into clay crucible smelting method and platinum crucible smelting method. No matter adopt what kind of smelting ways must be blender mixing, and strictly control the temperature and stirring, to achieve highly uniform in optical glass glass. 2, forming optical glass molding in a classical broken pot method, rolling method and pouring method, but it is getting more and more widely used material molding (leakage Using single crucible or even the melt flow of material liquid) , can directly pull rods or drops pressed or leak material forming large size of the blank, improve material utilization and the rate of finished product. 3, annealing to l to eliminate the internal stress of glass, quartz glass lenses, to improve the optical homogeneity, must adopt the strict system of annealing, precision annealing. 4, determination of test indicators are: optical constants, optical uniformity and stress birefringence, stripes, bubbles, etc.
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