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Breaking Down Optical Illusions with Rearrangement

by:ChangHui     2020-04-25
Not long ago, I was looking at some artwork of an optical illusion only this artwork had taken all of the lines of the 'endless stairway' and restructured them by twisting them around. In fact just looking and glancing at it you couldn't tell, although there were some features of the original artwork still visible as clues, not many. Now then, this got me to thinking that perhaps the way to break down camouflage distortions which create optical illusions would be to take a picture of what is being observed, and rearrange it to see if it looked real. In the case of camouflage, rearranging the bushes should still look real, but in the case of a real object trying to hide, pieces of that object would show and stick out like a sore thumb. Is it possible that this simple trick of rearrangement or spinning the observational view - you could uncloak camouflage distortion or optical illusions? Is it possible to re-colorize the view or observation, to redraw the lines, and make the camouflage go away? It seems that this strategy does work, and we know from playing around with images that this is so, and therefore, the rearrangement and spinning of what is in clear view could be the answer. What if soldiers had goggles which changed the light frequency quickly every 15 seconds or so - a quick blink if you will? If you had a number of soldiers looking at the same thing, each one of the goggles would not be synchronized, therefore they would be switching back at different times, and someone would see it first and alert everyone else. If you think about it the overall concept of taking a piece of artwork and scrambling lines, or using very simple algorithms to alter the picture into something that it isn't, and therefore you didn't see the original picture is basically the same theory. Would this be hard to do? No, not in the least - it therefore renders most camouflage almost obsolete. The applications for this are almost endless, as well as the opposite or reverse theory might be as well. It is almost as if you would be hacking reality, or unpacking and uncloaking a non-reality. You are just switching back and forth until something appears, or not. If it does you've saved yourself, and if it doesn't, then you know you're safe. Okay so, that's my thought on this topic for today, and I hope you will please consider all this and think on. If you'd like to discuss this further please shoot me an e-mail.
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