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Calcium fluoride crystals at zero. 13μ m~10μ M good pervious to light performance in wavelength range, wide range of pervious to light. Calcium fluoride crystal

by:ChangHui     2020-06-05
Calcium fluoride crystals are producing all kinds of optical window, the ideal material of optical components such as prisms and lenses. Applied to the infrared window, Fourier analysis, testing instruments, gas liquid laser system, astronomical telescope, MIR/NIR imaging systems such as processing types: round slices. Square piece; The elliptical slices. Dimensions: CaF2 can achieve 4 - 240毫米; BaF2 can achieve 4 - 145毫米; MgF2 can achieve 4 - 150 mm processing indexes, tolerance to + / - 0. 05mm; Bright and clean degree can reach 40 - 20; Surface can be up to a quarter & lambda; ; Can achieve parallel processing equipment: biaxial four shaft grinding polishing machine, polishing machine, six axis grinding polishing machine, double-sided polishing machine, ring machine, and machine, high hem machine testing equipment: thickness tester, microscope, interferometer, parallel light pipe
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