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Custom optical components

1.Product Name: porro prism
2.Application: Can be applied to binoculars,microscope

Porro Prism is composed of one large face and two roof faces which are mutually vertical. Beam enters the large face of the prism then hits on the roof, by total internal reflection twice from the roof, the beam exits again through the large face.
Experimental Grade Porro Prisms are offered optical components in several experimental grade options. Grade 1 is standard optical glass, edged, free of visible scratches, chips, stains or oxidation. Grade 2 is unedged, non-optical glass, small chips, slight stains or other defects. Grade 2may have slight edge cement separation.

Technology Specification

Parameter Value
Product name Porro prism
Material K9,BK7,Quartz or etc.
Dimension Tolerance(mm) ±0.2mm
Center Thickness(mm) customized
Flatness ≤λ/10 at 632.8nm
Surface Quality 40/20

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