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Diffractive optical lens that DO ( 衍射的吗? 光学) Lenses, is one of the high-end camera lens using optical lenses, adopt the DO the lens can

by:ChangHui     2020-07-10
Diffraction optical element and refraction optical element on the color difference is the nature of the opposite. DO the lens by use of these properties, theoretically has realized the color difference for 'zero'. DO the lens using double structure is made in glass lens surface precision of diffraction grating to micron precision cascade structure close to each other. * microns ( μm) 1 meter: 1 mu m is equal to 1 million points. Along with the continuously study the material, shape and structure of diffraction optical element and so on, successfully developed formed by three layers of diffraction optical element cascade three layer structure DO lens. Incoming light will no longer occur unnecessary refracted light, the light is almost fully used, thus realize the miniaturization of telephoto zoom lens.
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