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Endoscopy Procedure Risks, Preparation, Pain, And Results

by:ChangHui     2020-08-09

In the esophagus, 2.5% Lugol's resolution stains the glycogen of normal squamous cells greenish-brown. This technique, also referred to as chromoscopy, allows one to target the nonstaining areas for biopsy. Indigo-carmine dye (2.5% ) enhances the structure of the glandular mucosa, and thus, is useful within the columnar-cell lined esophagus and abdomen.

Biopsy forceps are available in varied sizes, with the most important forceps becoming through the channels of adult endoscopes and yielding tissue samples up to eight mm in size. In addition, forceps have been developed with a needle positioned in their center; this needle can impale a second piece of tissue, allowing multiple samples to be obtained during a single cross. Sessile and pedunculated polyps can be eliminated fully using an electrocautery snare, laser, or a nonthermal excisional technique.

The most generally used method is the retrograde approach utilizing a noncontact fiber. In this approach, the endoscope is handed beyond the tumor, and the tumor is progressively destroyed beginning from the distal margin. Biopsies are obtained underneath direct vision by passing a forceps by way of a working endoscope channel. A larger variety of biopsies from a suspected malignancy will increase the diagnostic yield .

These two strategies could be combined to facilitate the identification of squamous and columnar cells. A just lately described medical utility includes dye spraying and magnification endoscopy for the recognition of Barrett's epithelium . If biopsies were done as part of the procedure, the results will sometimes be available inside a number of days, though some checks on the biopsy samples might take longer.

In selected sufferers, laser therapy has been proven to confer a survival advantage when compared with historic controls . There are a number of totally different strategies for endoscopic laser therapy , all of which contain passage of a laser fiber by way of the working channel of the endoscope.
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