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Exploring the Emotional Benefits of Eye Lens Implants

by:ChangHui     2020-04-12
There is no denying that eye glasses have been useful. Neither can there be any doubt that glasses wearers associate frustration, discomfort and sometimes outright dissatisfaction with their prescription lenses. There can be little surprise then that so many of them are turning to eye lens implants as a solution to their eye sight problems. While the technology and technique that is part of optical surgery has developed remarkably over recent decades, the benefits of such procedures are less clinical and far more human. Because of the frustration that individuals feel when having to wear, take care of, keep track of and renew eye glasses, memories of the days when such a bother was unnecessary do arise. The desire to be rid of glasses forever grows strong, which leads them to taking the decision of have surgery done. Thankfully, because of developments in the technology and the vital intraocular lens, cost worries are at a minimum. And, because the operation is complete in only about 20 minutes per eye, it is not long before the emotional benefits become obvious. Less Stress, More Confidence The primary emotion of people who have undergone lens replacement surgery is joy. For many, there is an emotional release after years of relying on glasses, and this produces a surge in self confidence. In fact, more often than not, having to wear glasses creates a self consciousness that some can find debilitating. This feeling lifts off the patient, as they begin to enjoy life without the hindrance of prescription eye glasses. Glasses are practical, and do provide a solution to sight deterioration and refractive eye conditions. However, they can be stressful, uncomfortable and even distracting. By simply replacing the lens within the eye, all of these negative feelings can be avoided. Seeing What Was Being Missed There is a great frustration amongst people with deteriorating eyesight that they are missing out on a lot of what is going on around them. For example, when younger, they may have been able to enjoy the benefits of country scenery. But with the need to wear glasses, the view becomes limited and the experience is therefore reduced. Even in everyday activities, like shopping in the city centre, they may feel limited by the fact they know they are unable to see more than 50 yards ahead before everything becomes blurred. However, getting new lenses implanted into the eye, rather than relying on awkwardly positioned glasses, means that sights can complement sounds. What this means is that the empowering feeling of being aware of everything around returns. Resurrecting Past Interests Many of the older generation have had to admit defeat in their attempt to continue following some life long interests, especially with regards to sport. While there are few physiological reasons why someone aged 50 should not play badminton or squash once or twice a week, their abilities on the respective courts are seriously hampered by deteriorating sight. Of course, the logical solution is to wear glasses, but these can simply add to the hindrance, between lenses fogging up as sweat rises to the irritation the glasses can cause by having to be readjusted every few minutes. In such circumstances, not playing at all becomes more preferable to suffering through a game in frustration. The best solution to sight issues on the court, on the field or even on the fairway, is eye surgery that will replace the flawed lens with an implant, and thereby restore that natural feeling again. And, if multifocal lenses are implanted, then the flight of a golf ball can be seen, and maybe even that magical hole in one. No Search and See The final benefit that comes with eye lens implants is perhaps the most simple, with emotional stress that comes with searching for those lost pair of glasses no longer a consideration. It would hardly be surprising to know that a person can spend several hours each month searching for their glasses when they have to drive to the shop or wish to sit and read the newspaper. Thanks to the full optical surgery range, many of the eye conditions that usually require glasses can be permanently dealt with. And, by implanting an intraocular lens, cost is far less a worry, allowing the life of the patient to be turned completely around.
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