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Functions And Applications Of An Optical Comparator

by:ChangHui     2020-04-24
You need a specific tool to magnify an image of an object and projects it on a screen for comparison and measurement. It brings out minute details of the object. The machine, known as an optical comparator, is mostly used by manufacturing companies to look at parts at their different stages of production. It features a small glass stage on the optical comparator. Then place the object in question on the glass stage under powerful lighting. It is then magnified and transferred to a screen for viewing by an intricate arrangement of lenses. Developed in the 1920's, they designed the optical comparator to help get detailed data about an object. When the object is hit by the powerful light, it projects a magnified silhouette of the part on-screen the image is then used for measuring geometry and dimensions of the part against preset data. It is able to do like a microscope by magnifying the object. There is a projection screen hooked up to the machine which shows the magnified image of the object. The screen also shows a grid for measuring the length and distance of the object. This allows precise description and measurement of the object in question. They carry out different variations of light such as episcopic, translucent and diascopic illumination. Episcopic illumination lights the object from above, translucent light passes through the object, and diascopic light illuminates the object from behind. The three-way lighting gives thorough information about the external and internal characteristics of the object. You can apply optical comparators in many major fields. Manufacturing companies use comparators for examining parts of items produced in masses. They are sure to inspect new gauges for any minuscule defects using an optical comparator. The machine is also used by forensic experts to examine and analyze objects. Optical comparators along with its video inspection equipment give more information other than just measurements of the object. The machine is also used to detect other imperfections on the object like indentations or undesirable scratches. The measurements are projected on screen and you can view them with several people. The machines are also able to get measurement in 2-D space. Unlike calipers and micrometers, the comparators can measure the width and length of the object simultaneously. The optical comparator machine saves time. It's easy to use features and ergonomic designs decrease the inspection time, cutting down on operator fatigue and costs. The scale is adjusted to get different ranges of data and can give a very high level of magnification. Optical comparators are compact, portable and can be handled easily.
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