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How to Install Windows 7 on a Netbook With No

by:ChangHui     2020-04-10
The article intends to describe how Windows 7 can be installed on a Netbook computer that has no optical drive. The methods described here are reliable, correct until date and are meant for normal to advanced users. It is, however, strongly advised that users follow them accurately to avoid facing problems. This will eventually save their time and money that would otherwise be spent looking for Windows 7 support. Installing Windows 7 on a Netbook that is deprived of optical drive can prove cumbersome if it is not done in proper manner. Don't worry as the below mentioned guide will walk you through the procedure and have the operating system installed on your own. This will save you from searching for Microsoft technical support. Instructions: First make sure that you have taken a backup of your existing data stored in Netbook to a flash drive or other external media before beginning with the installation. Also ensure that your computer fulfills the minimum system requirements for installation. Thereafter, use any of the methods mentioned below to begin with the venture. First Method: Visit Microsoft's official website () and purchase any of the three Windows 7 editions viz. Home Premium, Ultimate, and Professional. Thereafter, download it as an installation file. Save or run the file when prompted. If you click to choose Run, then you can immediately start installing the OS. If you choose to Save the file, then navigate to the location where the file is saved and run it from there. Follow the instructions carefully, choose all the custom settings, and complete the procedure. It may require you to reboot your Netbook couple of times. Don't be afraid as it is a part of the normal installation process. When the process has finished, install all the applications like MS-Office, Outlook etc. individually and also restore your data to the new OS. Second Method: First ensure that your Netbook can boot using a USB flash drive. Go into the BIOS settings of your computer, navigate to the Boot menu and make USB HDD included into the priority Boot list. This will allow Netbook to boot from the USB flash drive. Now reformat the drive to NTFS format and then activate the partition (USB) required for installation. As mentioned in the first method, buy as well as download the OS installation from the online Microsoft Store site and save it to a location like desktop in your computer. When done, extract the contents of Windows 7 file to another folder in C:\ drive. You will have to create this folder and give it a name like Win7. When done, delete the original file if you want to. Now download and install any one of automated tools viz. Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, Unetbootin, or WinToFlash. Once the tool has been installed, open it and navigate to Windows 7 folder and copy all its contents into the flash drive. Connect the drive to your Netbook and reboot. Enter the Boot menu (from USB flash drive) and then the Windows 7 Setup menu. Follow the instructions, customize the settings, accept the Microsoft license agreement, and then complete the process. Your Netbook may automatically reboot several times as the part of the normal installation procedure. When it is finished, install all your applications, programs and restore data to Netbook.
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