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Illusion Tricks in the Fashion World

by:ChangHui     2020-04-11
In the world of fashion, designers want to create the most glamorous, flattering garments in a bid to entice the public into buying their designs. With presentation and appearance being a top priority in the fashion industry, there is great competition among clothing designers as they are regularly thinking of new ways to draw in a greater audience and stand out above the rest. Designers of today are able to do anything and can give magicians a run for their money with their designs that trick the eye. Colour Blocking The use of colour in garments can emphasise your best assets whilst also disguising your problem areas. By opting for light shades, such as pastel or neutral hues, to exaggerate your best features such as your bust or bum, you will draw the eye in which will distract from your problem areas. Whereas wearing darker shades such as burgundy, black or navy, will make the eye stray from these areas whilst also make you seem more slim and slender. Ruffles, Embellishment and Decoration Boyish figures who lack curves can build them with the help of elaborate detailing such as ruffles, embellishments and decoration on the areas they feel they need some extra womanly shape. Ruffles can create an illusion that you have a larger bust due to the added volume, whilst embellishment and decoration can distract attention away from your problem areas. Specific styles such as the Peplum skirt or dress creates added shape and definition with its added short layer of fabric that hangs off your hips in a flattering way. Optical Illusion Dress For those of you who already have a fuller figure, you can tone down your curves with the help of an optical illusion dress. With a range of different styles and prints to choose from, you will be able to find the right one to help disguise your curves or exaggerate them further. Most optical style dresses combine two different colours and form an hourglass shape pattern in the centre. The hourglass will feature in the light colour such as pink and the background will be a darker shade such as black to make it look as though your figure is the size of the printed hourglass, creating an envious slim yet curvy shade. By opting for one of these brilliant illusion tricks that fashion designers combine into some of their garments, you will be able to gain the figure you have always dreamed of.
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