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In modern society, science and technology is developing in our unexpected speed, and, of course, also produced a product of the ordinary people can't imagine. These things,

by:ChangHui     2020-05-23
Lens ultrasonic cleaning machine in optical cold working, lens cleaning is mainly refers to the lens after polishing residual polishing liquid, adhesives, protective material cleaning; Glass edge grinding edge grinding oil, glass powder after cleaning; Lens coating fingerprints before cleaning, mouth hydrosphere and various attachments. The traditional cleaning method is used to wipe materials ( Gauze, air-laid paper) Cooperate with chemical reagent ( Gasoline, ethanol, acetone, ether) To soak, wipe manually wipe. This method is time-consuming, cleanliness is poor, obviously not adapt to the modern large-scale optical cold working industry. Forcing people to find a kind of mechanical cleaning methods instead. So ultrasonic cleaning technology gradually into optical cold working industry and lead, to further promote the development of the optical cold processing industry. Can be thought of as roughly using ultrasonic field of force, in cooperation with washing medium, the substances in a series of physical and chemical change to reach the purpose of cleaning method. When higher than ultrasound ( 28 ~ 40 khz) After the high frequency vibration to the cleaning medium, liquid medium under the high frequency vibration generated almost a vacuum cavity, the cavity in mutual collision, merge, the demise of the process, can make the liquid local instant thousands of atmospheric pressure of the pressure, so much pressure makes the matter around a series of physical and chemical changes. IPA process: by four wash, rinse, dehydration, drying process. Solvent cleaning and water-based cleaning because the washing process, so there are different craft: have to solvent cleaning, solvent steam drying for water-based cleaning; Also have to solvent cleaning, reoccupy emulsifier dissolved solvent, water-based cleaning again. Obviously, the latter on the process more smooth, compact, simple also to equipment requirement. After washing the lens surface does not have a combination of strong dirt, there may be only a mixture of several cleaning and loose dirt. 吗? Using water dissolve after washing lotion and dirt on the surface of the lens, elimination of process called rinse. : pure water process consists of three processes: wash, rinse, and dry. The same process of washing and rinsing with IPA, not repeat. The difference is that dry. Drying is divided into two kinds of circumstances, hot water slowly lift and cold water to dry. Resistivity is greater than 15 M Ω m. pure water at a high temperature, surface tension, it can achieve maximum after rinse lenses immersed among them, the surface will not be wetting, tilted in slow pulling away, because the surface tension. Pure water quickly leave in the surface shrinkage into the spherical lens, lens under the hot air filter after dehydration and drying. So, the purity of water, temperature, pulling speed, slow the inclination of the workpiece, the hot air cleanliness influence on drying is very big. Above is the optical cold working some introduction of ultrasonic cleaning process, because professional is too strong, we should fully understand that you may need to spend a little time. In general, the implementation process of carrier's equipment, a reasonable design, stable performance of ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic cleaning technology specialty into full play. Oh you are interested can surf the Internet counseling.
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