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In the process of flat planetary grinding processing, the uniformity of grinding disc wear and the grinding quality of optical lenses have a close relationship; through

by:ChangHui     2020-06-22
According to the spectral characteristics of coloured optical glass is divided into three categories. 1. Type 1 as the naming of glass glass is a glass through the world of wavelength, is divided into five types of 35. Such as glass through the world is 490 nm for golden glass, life together as JB490. 1. Type 2 neutral glass glass is the first letter according to the Chinese pinyin named after the combination, the serial number is 2 mm for the thickness of the glass, the average transmission wavelength of 400 nm to 700 nm than features, like 2 mm thick glass transmission ratio is 70% on average, are named ZAB70. This kind of glass with a total of 10 brands, including ZAB65, ZAB30, ZAB5 three grades of wavelength range is 440 nm 660nm。 1. 3 selective absorption type glass with the color of the glass or purpose points 14 classes, a total of 72 brands. Glass arranged according to the serial number, serial number, no special meaning. Combining with actual production, the planetary gear train under the condition of the track of the workpiece movement and speed are simulated, determine the grinding machine speed ratio influence on grinding disc abrasion uniformity rule: when the speed ratio I1
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