Focus on challenging optical components

Industry categories: precision optical exhibition & lens and camera module ZuZhan

by:ChangHui     2020-06-07
Products scope: optical components / 1. Mobile phone lens: from 2 m to 16 m of all kinds of mobile phone lens, covers the ultra-thin, wide Angle, large pore diameter and high cost performance and low cost. 2. Medical lens: 1 ~ 5 p p lens, covers the gastroscope, urethra mirror, capsule endoscopy first class, which is the smallest lens diameter can achieve 1. 2 mm, in domestic has the lead. 3. Biometric lens: such as high resolution, iris recognition, fingerprint identification lens, infrared TanCeJing top have unique development and design experience, to adapt to the trend of the current biometric. 4. Visual camera/lens: such as hd refracting HMD, VR lens, HUD mirror lens. 5. Fisheye lens: such as 210 ° car panoramic camera, 240 ° sports DV lens pavilion, such as: our booth # 7:7 d31
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