Focus on challenging optical components

1.The line scanning system has a good application for large-format, high-precision, cylindrical object detection, etc. The custom optical lenses main application industries are: printed products, large glass, grain color selection, LCD panel inspection, PCB inspection, steel inspection, tobacco industry. The textile industry, etc., the common features of these products are: wide format, fast speed, high precision, and high continuity of products on the assembly line.
2.Helps a lot in teaching demonstration, experimental recording and other industrial detection fields :
SMT PCB detection 
Warehouse incoming materials detection
Biology experiments demonstration
 Medical anatomy presentation.

  • Biology Experiments Demonstration
    Biology Experiments Demonstration
  • SMT PCB Detection
    SMT PCB Detection
  • Biology Experiments Demonstration
    Biology Experiments Demonstration
  • Warehouse Incoming Materials Detection
    Warehouse Incoming Materials Detection

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