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Lens lenses of refractive index is an important parameter, generally speaking, there are 1. 49, 1. 56, 1. 61, 1. 67 Numbers, etc. these

by:ChangHui     2020-05-10
1 on the market at present. 49 lenses have been rare, and varieties, mainly are some old people buy reading glasses. And myopia within 500 degree people generally choose the refractive index of 1. 56 is better, this kind of lens of species is well-found, the features of and the price is moderate. If myopic in over 500 degrees due to thickness into consideration, so choose when buying lens refractive index in 1. 56 aspheric or 1. 61 the refractive index of the lens is preferred. We found from a large number of statistics, most of the patients wearing the degree of the lens. Traditional low refractive lenses, often can give a person the feeling of 'thick', especially the number of highly lenses. 1. 67 high refractive resin lens lighter and thinner than regular resin lenses. 吗? The reason is: 1, high refractive index with flat aspherical bending design, thin and beautiful, also can effectively resist ultraviolet ray and reduce infrared, effectively eliminate the interference of the computers, TV, etc. 2, because it has a bigger density, thus more wear-resisting, more frivolous characteristics, it is not easy to scratch and more lightsome. This paper, based on the experience of lens manufacturing experience of international common to introduce you to several simple methods: resin lens: the physical properties of refractive index medium characteristic of the air in the light of the incident Angle of transmitted light and the ratio of the sine of the incident light Angle. The benchmark values due to measurement wavelength, is slightly different with the environment. Design of the same thickness and different refractive index lens dioptre, refractive index and thickness of the lens and is inversely proportional to the light transmittance, its value in 1. 49 ~ 1. 74. Light transmittance: a medium amount of transmitted light and the amount of incident light ratio, expressed as a percentage. For optical lens, light transmittance is higher, the smaller the reflection and absorption, clear lens. According to the wave theory of half wave superposition principle, people can through hardened and the combination of a variety of refractive index of coating to improve the lens light transmittance. Didn't add membrane resin lenses, in general, the light transmittance is between 88% ~ 93%. Some cases because the need of other special function may reduce artificial light transmittance, but must meet ( See gb QB2457 - The provisions of the 1999) 。 When sunglasses to meet this requirement, to reach the minimum requirements for protection, namely the blocking light also blocked out the corresponding amount of ultraviolet light, wear the sunglasses at least will not increase in the volume of ultraviolet light to be accepted, Wore sunglasses, can reduce flux into the human eyes, making the wearer pupil, under the same external conditions, if sunglasses can't stop the corresponding amount of ultraviolet light, the human eye will accept more than when not wearing sunglasses uv) 。 In November 2006, the official implementation ( Gb GB10810. 3 the eyeglass lenses and related products in part 3: transmittance specification and measurement method) , specified as a maximum uv transmittance of the lenses should not exceed 5%. Abbe number: the lens, the reciprocal of dispersion coefficient, the characterization of lenses to visible light dry involves the resolving power of color, the available accuracy is not lower than 3 x 10 ˉ 4 refractometer measurement. Its value in 32 - Between 60, the higher the lens abbe number, the less distortion of the incident light. Our country on scratch resistance properties of the resin lenses with clear mandatory regulation, and shows that the quantitative detection methods according to the test requirements, through the simple physical device for testing, we can use ATAGO ( Love Rio) The refractive index of resin abbe refractometer, tester NAR - 4 t, ( Solid-liquid dual) High refractive index abbe refractometer NAR - 1 t ? SOLID, detecting the degree of lens light transmittance, lens refractive index ( Digital type) Abbe refractometer DR - A1, ( Abbe number) Multiple wavelength refractometer DR - series M2 can be directly measured, Abbe number) And other instruments to provide the lens in the process of the refractive index of application solutions.
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