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Lens optical center is refers to the light through this does not occur when the twists and turns, also known as design datum; Refers to the thickness of the lens optical center vertical thickness

by:ChangHui     2020-05-25
The same material, the same luminosity of the lens, the center edge thickness directly determine the lens thickness. In theory, the smaller the center thickness, lens looks more thin, but the thickness of the center starts to cause: 1, the lens is fragile, not safe to wear, processing and transport are very difficult. 2, center luminosity easy to change. So the provisions of the national standard to the thickness of lens center has a corresponding real qualified lenses may be thicker instead. QB2506 - light industry standards 001: the thickness of the thinnest place of glass lenses should be no less than 0. 7mm。 The resin lenses of the thinnest thickness of not less than 1. 0mm。 Gb center thickness tolerance: effective thickness should be on the lens convex benchmark, and perpendicular to the surface are measured, measured values should not deviate from the nominal value plus or minus 0. 3mm。 Optical center range: 30 mm lens center Φ area.
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