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Line scan lenses

Line scan Lens: A lens used with a line camera. With the scanning mode of operation, the lens and the target are required to move relative to each other, and one line is formed for each exposure, and multiple exposures form an image. The characteristics of line array scanning imaging: the image resolution of the CCD line array direction is fixed, and the spatial sampling frequency is related to the relative speed of motion in the moving direction of the target.

From an imaging perspective, there is no essential difference between a line lens and other types of lenses. It's just different ways of using the lens.

Mainly used in image processing in the fields of industry, medical, scientific research and security. A typical field of application for line array industrial cameras is the detection of continuous materials such as metals, plastics, paper and fibers.

Line scan lenses are designed for high resolution scanning applications up to 12K;The maximum compatible imaging target is 90mm, using a longer line scan camera;High resolution, minimum pixel size up to 5um;Low distortion rate;Magnification 0.2x-2.0x

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