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Medical Applications Of Optical Filter Glass

by:ChangHui     2020-04-23
The Healing Power Of Optical Filter Glass The value of optical filter glass and fiber optics for medical imaging has long been obvious, but recent advances in fabrication technologies, and the resulting new materials derived from optical glass, offer a variety of exciting, new products blossoming at the forefront of medical innovation. Let's take a look at how new technology is benefitting from optical filter glass. Microscopy Benefits Polished optical filters and colored glass filters insure high accuracy medical analysis. Optical grade cover glass and specimen slide composition provide durable chemical attack resistance. Excellent internal glass quality, with low inclusion rates allow for proper spectral transmission. Exceptional cut and grind characteristics simplify biological research work. Radiation Shielding The same continuous melt protocol required in producing the highest quality optical filter glass yields superior radiation shielding. This optimal materials process assures internal glass quality, prevents incident yellowing and provides enhanced shielding for all nuclear medicine and x-ray procedures. It provides the highest-rated gamma ray safeguards. Dental Glass Filling cavities is still the world's most common dental procedure. Concerns over both aesthetics and health issues, are driving an increasing demand for tooth-colored filling materials in place of mercury amalgams. Inorganic dental filler glass, safe and bio-compatible, are meeting the need for dental composites and cements. Bioactive Glass Translucent skin technology is the most surprising and exciting field developed from optical filter glass materials science. Decades of research reveal that bioactive glasses, mineralizing glass powder consisting solely of elements found naturally within the human body, help sooth sensitive skin. Cosmetics and cosmetic products, consisting of the unique biocompatibility of bioactive glasses translate to fabulous skin care products. Glass Cosmetics & Cosmeceutical Reduce Redness Tests show a pronounced decrease in redness induced by UV rays or chemical damage Reduce Wrinkles Significant reduction in wrinkle visibility Stronger Nails Binds nails with minerals in solution Anti-oxidant Powerhouse Lab tests document the formidable anti-oxidant protection skin derives from hydrophilic, bioactive glass. Life sciences presented with an entirely new class of anti-aging ingredients. In the presence of water, bioactive glass releases highly bioavailable ions, which form a mineral matrix on dermal surface layers, forming a clear, crystalline protective structure chemically equivalent to bone material. This capability of bioactive glass, bonding with human tissue, building an interactive self-moisturizing surface region, protecting against harmful UV and fostering glowing, good health, is greatest new story in the medical applications of optical filter glass.
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