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New And Advanced Features Of Digital Cameras

by:ChangHui     2020-04-19
People continue to look for advanced features in digital cameras. Many have been looking for the wireless capability and better zoom feature. Fortunately, manufacturers are continuously listening to what their consumers want and are making a constant effort to come up with better cameras for consumers to enjoy their photography experience. Today, there are newer models that have these advanced features you've long wanted to have. An example is Samsung WB850F which has both the WI-fi capability and superzoom. With wireless technology, any user can quickly upload his photos and videos to various social networking sites including Facebook and YouTube as well as to photo sharing sites such as Picasa. Apart from sharing images online, this camera has a TV Link. This added feature allows a user to display his photos in a wireless manner on an DLNA-enabled high definition TV (HDTV). It also has a GPS capability which can be used to tag photos. This also allows camera owners to download maps onto their device. What this means is you can then use your camera to show a map while you're on the road. Zoom-wise, this model which is only 1.4 inches thick features a 21x optical zoom. Another unique feature worth mentioning here is the fact that this Samsung camera can actually be paired with a smartphone in order to control the zoom. So if you're shooting a self-portrait, for instance, you can do this step to control the zoom from your smart phone. Another Samsung camera model allows people to zoom their unit in a different manner. When using the MV900F subcompact model, a user can control the unit's 5x optical zoom lens and its shutter button even if you're away from the gadget. What you have to do is just move your hand to control it. This feature is called Gesture Shot as the camera keeps track of your hand movement. It works in the same way as the face detection technology. To be able to use this feature, first position your camera either on a flat surface or a tripod and stand in front of the lens. Next, flip up the display so that you can see your image. To control the lens, you can move your hand in a circular motion twice. Do this as if you're cleaning a window in a circular motion. For zooming in, do the movement in a clockwise manner and to zoom out, do a counterclockwise motion. Once you're ready, you can also engage the self timer by doing a movement as if you're pushing down your palm twice. If in case you don't want to include yourself in the photo, you can always exit the frame up to three seconds. This Samsung unit also has WI-fi capability and can capture high definition videos. It will be on the market later this month. These are some of the latest features you can look for today in a digital camera. They're most Ideal for the savvy consumers who have a great interest in getting top quality photos and videos they can share with friends and family on the internet.
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