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Now luminosity range: - 2. 00 ~ - 10. 00

by:ChangHui     2020-05-22
Astigmatism - 0. 50 - - 2. 00 - 10. 50 - - 15. 00 lens features low wear resistance with resin lens incomparable ordinary wear resistance. Can the flowers for a long time, let you feel free to use for a long time. Low ultra-thin design using the latest physiological base bending aspheric surface, can not only reduce the eye fatigue, and effectively reduce the thickness of the lens. Low degree of ultra-low weight using lightweight high quality raw materials, combined with the optical design research for many years, refined but become. More light than ordinary resin piece. Low resistance to radiation, electromagnetic wave by special coating process according to the principle of electromagnetic interference shielding in the lens surface to low-frequency radiation and microwave reflection and absorption, protect the function of the vision. Good waterproof is one of a handful of lens surface waterproof processing lenses. So when using the lens is not easy to dirty, but also convenient for cleaning and maintenance, can make the lens persistent like new. Low high-definition is elaborate design and multi-layer plating system minus reflection film layer, ensure the lenses have high light transmittance. Its characteristic is to reduce the intensity of the light reflected in the lens surface, to see things more clearly, without interference.
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