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Optical Collimation

Used in a variety of optical measurement systems, often used to collimate optical paths, making divergent optical paths into parallel optical paths. With different optics, the beam collimation can be optimized for different measurement processes.

Features of fiber collimating mirrors:
1 The beam collimation is high: After adjusting by the fiber collimating mirror, the divergence angle of the beam does not exceed 2°;
2 High applicability :The SMA905/FC connector is compatible with other optical devices and is suitable for modular and various devices.

Typical application areas:

EX fiber port: In order to improve the fiber coupling efficiency and reduce the beam divergence angle, the fiber port needs to be equipped with a fiber collimator.

Light source exit: After the collimator is installed at the light exit of the light source, the coupling efficiency with the fiber is increased, and the measurement signal is increased.

Integrating ball port: After the collimating mirror is installed on the integrating ball port, the coupling efficiency with the fiber will increase, which helps to collect the signal.

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