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Optical Fiber Panel

We customize a variety of optical fiber glass products for optical image transmission, such as glass fiber rods, anti-halation cathode glass windows (AVG), genetic testing fiber panels, X-ray dental fiber panels, low numerical aperture fiber optic panels, array light cones, and more. Viewing fiber optic panel, fiber cone, fiber optic imager, large size fiber optic panel, Clad Rods, Shaped Fiber Rods, Light Guide, and more.

It can be used as an image input and output window component for image intensifiers for low-light night vision devices, CCD and CMOS coupling, as a component between fingerprint and CCD in new fingerprint readers, medical equipment, CRT/LCD Display, image enhancement, remote viewing, field curvature correction, and X-ray imaging. In optoelectronic applications, fiber optic panels can be used as input and output image enhancer windows.

Shape and size can be customized

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