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Optical lens fixing device manufacturing method

by:ChangHui     2020-07-15
【 Technology 】 ( 0001] The utility model relates to an optical testing field, especially those involving optical lens fixing device. 【 Technical background 】 ( 0002] Focal meter device, need on the lens socket set the lens holder to fixed lens to be tested, so can prevent the lens to be tested in the measurement of skew or fall. Because of weak optical lens wear resistance, thus the lens holder in can tighten the lens to be measured at the same time, also should facilitate loading and unloading in order to avoid scratch, wear lenses being measured, and the existing lens holder is unable to meet the above requirements at the same time. 【 Utility model content 】 ( 0003] The utility model aims to overcome the shortcomings of existing technology, provide a kind of optical lens fixing device, through between peg and peg board, changing the lens and locking tablet pen components socket position of the lens to be measured in order to realize the fixed and rev, holding steady, easy to remove, the advantages of easy operation. ( 0004] The purpose of the utility model mainly through the following technical scheme: optical lens fixtures, including hooks and tabletting, link includes hook locating plate and hook plate, peg board by hooking twist fee can automatic rotary positioning on the hook positioning plate, the lower end of the peg board is set to have certain radian side of arc, peg board runs with opening Angle of the curve, the curve the front end of the opening is located in the middle of hook plate, open curve of the back-end in peg board backend, curve openings in the front of the set with convex to hook plate and has a certain slope block slice; Pelleting department includes setup guide bar tabletting positioning, set in the tablet on the guide bar slider and tabletting slider is even tablet arm board, on the guide bar also ACTS on the tablet set the slider at the top of the first elastic parts, tablet arm board Settings can be hang nail with peg board, tabletting setting of the front end of the arm board has a tablet pen components. ( 0005] The utility model, in order to achieve between peg and peg board, hang nails should be set to outward in tablet arm board and can be put into open curve of the structure. To facilitate the location of the mobile tablet arm board, also can be installed on the tablet of arm board with convex in tablet arm board handle. Because the elastic piece is applied to press downward slide block, with the curve of the Angle of the curve of the openings can be set to give similar to V shape, so, can prevent the peg from the curve after the opening of the end off the hook plate. The utility model zero state, in the first and the effect of elastic parts, joint tablet pen tablet arm board component is located in the low end. In this position, the tablet pen components can be pressed tight socket are placed in the lens on the lens to be tested in order to realize the fixed lens under test. And when to remove the lens to be tested, then pull the lever upwards, makes the tablet slider first elastic parts can be overcome, drive the tablet arm plate joint tablet pen components move up. In the process, peg first contact to the curved end of the peg board, as the tablet arm board continue to lift, hang nails will be applied to curved hook end makes the peg board overcome torsional spring force and rotational hang nail to step aside. When hanging nail down the hook plate rotation, through the curve when opening the back end into the curve of opening, stop on the tablet of arm board, under the hook of the torsional spring reset, peg board, reset, and then open the front end of the peg into the curve, so, the locking tablet arm plate on the guide bar. In this way, can the lens that is tested. For new lens is placed in the lens to be tested on the socket, and slightly up and tablet arm board, so that you can move to peg block slice, due to the block slice has a certain slope, the other in the link under the action of torsional spring, peg can postpone the inclination of the block slice away from the hook plate. At this point, in the first and the effect of elastic parts, tablet arm board is jointly and severally again back to the tablet pen components low-end to compress the lens to be tested. ( 0006] To reduce component tablet pen moves down the impact of the lens to be measured, further, described in the tablet pen components including presser foot and tablet pen, presser foot frame sets through the end of the up and down hole, tablet pen with width greater than the hole on the top opening of the ring, the hole with the elasticity, the elastic piece on the tablet pen, make the tablet pen bottom out in the outside the hole. The utility model, as used in tablet arm board makes the peg from hook plate, tablet is in the middle of the first elastic arm plate under the action of reset, in the process, tablet pen components move down the lens to be measured easily form a larger impact. By the second set of elastic, can achieve the effect of the buffer. In particular, when the lower end of the tablet pen impact tested lens, under the action of reaction, the tablet pen will overcome the elastic piece of the role of moving up in the hole, in order to digest the impact, so as to avoid damages to the lens to be tested. ( 0007] Is evenly dispersed tablet pen component fixed lens under test to the point of the measured lens, further, described in the set has three hole, and evenly distributed in the presser foot rack, described described each 1 hole are set on a tablet pen. ( 0008] To reduce the lens to be measured tablet pen bottom wear, further, described the lower end of the tablet pen also set a spacer layer. ( 0009] To achieve the guiding role of the good, avoid tablet during the slider move up and down in the migration and influence on the reliability of the operation, further, described in the guide bar for two root, described the first elastic piece in either on the guide bar. The utility model, the two root guide bar can spread around the tablet positioning seat, the first elastic piece can set in located in the anterior guide bar, so tablet is complete set of slider located on the back of the guide bar, can be set in partly located in the anterior guide bar and is located in the first elastic parts below. ( 0010] For the realization of the peg board on the hook positioning plate can be automatically turn to connection, further, also includes the fixed-line described in hook positioning plate positioning screw, described hook plate and hook torsional spring are set on the positioning screw. ( 0011] For ease of implementation of hook plate rotation, further, also include the hook on the set of positioning screw described in washers, described in the hook plate washer in the hook linked to described the area between the torsional spring. The utility model, by hooking the gasket set, can be linked by reducing friction resistance in order to improve the plate rotation flexibility. ( 0012] Compared with the existing technology, the utility model has the following beneficial effects: 0013] 1, through the hook plate arc segment, curve opening and block slice Settings, can be easy to achieve a peg (peg board lock in and out; At the same time, with the curve of the Angle of mouth also can prevent the peg from the curve after the opening of the accident from hook plate, which can improve the stability of the utility model run. ( 0014] 2, through the link between the board and peg to cooperate, can change and locking preforming the position of the slider on the guide bar, thus, changing the lens socket tablet pen component position of the lens to be measured in order to realize the fixed and loose rev. ( 0015] 3, through the tablet pen component Settings, can reduce the tablet pen component moves down the impact of the lens to be measured, so as to avoid damages to the lens to be tested. In addition, through the spacer layer set, but also reduce the tablet pen bottom wear lenses to be measured.
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