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Optical lens technology is advanced, reliable quality, short production cycle, in the process of cleaning, any glue, nails or oil droplets, even all

by:ChangHui     2020-06-24
Optical lens elements in the process of manufacture and use, its polished surface's ability to fight all kinds of corrosive medium called the chemical stability of the optical glass, lens has a dual characteristic of glass and ceramics, and microcrystalline glass like ceramic optical lenses, is composed of crystal, that is to say, it is a regular arrangement of atoms, optical lens mold temperature and decomposition temperature difference is big, low melt viscosity, size stability, the characteristics of molding are available, and also a large number of used in injection molding, but its brittleness is bigger than other optical plastics, so easy to crack, when cut gate should pay attention to prevent rupture, it can also use the general machinery processing, metal or wood processing tools such as drilling, sawing, cutting, etc. Often make the optical lens keep clean, will extend the service life of it. Lens produces many problems, due to pollution will increase of laser wavelength absorption will cause uneven heating cause lens reflex, laser wavelength from high absorption lenses through or reflection of the laser power at the uneven distribution of the lens center temperature is high, the edge of the low temperature, produce the change in the optical lens effect. Don't follow the requirements and matters needing attention of the lens cleaning treatment will cause new pollution even casually cut optical lenses, cause needless loss. Don't let the mirror should be paid attention to direct contact with hard objects at ordinary times, scrub with water first ( Or blending a small amount of detergent) Cleaning, and then try using special cloth or cotton paper blot glasses of water. If there is no scratch lenses, also can't continue to use. Let's learn about the optical lens in use process should pay attention to the usual small details: 1, in the usual in use process should be carefully take put as much as possible, at the same time pay attention to the external environment, avoid clothes zippers, buttons, etc of the scratch the lenses, or put the lens in the environment of the dirty or dust. 2, contact lenses to bring gloves, avoid hands of salt and acid corrosion of substrate surface of optical lenses. 3, take take on the edge of the lens to hand lens, even with a finger, and not the light side of the contact lenses. 4, the lens should be placed on a clean, soft objects, not on the glass, metal, table, or do not clean paper. 5, storage should be placed in a clean paper capacitance or special lens cleaning paper wrap. Storage temperature around 23 ℃, humidity is not higher than 40%. In dry storage compartment is better. 6, don't put the lenses are stacked together, to avoid wear and tear. 7, if the surface has a stain or fingerprints, anhydrous ethanol solvent or similar function can be used to wipe. Specific methods are as follows: finger to wear clean gloves, a towel soaked in anhydrous ethanol, drag the wetted towel edge of ethanol, in optical lens surface to move in a single direction. Wipe the action as hard as they can.
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