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Optical lenses dedicated DC - environmental cleansing agent 102

by:ChangHui     2020-07-02
DC - 102 optical lenses and transparent artifacts specifically for cleaning and design of environment-friendly water-based cleaning agent security for all kinds of plastic, resin, glass material such as optical lenses and transparent parts cleaning, the above material corrosion, no harm, can quickly remove residual stains when optical glass processing, such as grease, wax, white spots, fingerprint stains, glue stains, etc. , after cleaning the workpiece without water streaks. Scope of application: suitable for cleaning all kinds of material such as PC, PS,,, Aleck CR39 resin, glass and other kinds of optical lenses, and all kinds of transparent, transparent artifacts, etc. Purpose: according to the material of all kinds of lens of dyeing, vacuum coating, or screen printing prewashing before and after cleaning. The lens reinforcement ( Plus hard) Characteristics of treatment before cleaning and after cleaning: cleaning ability, in the water cycle is long, discharge the trouble of frequent change water, rinse easily, can save precious water resources without water spot residues after cleaning the workpiece surface ignition point, not burning, to ensure the safety of working environment safe non-toxic, without excitant, direct contact with human skin safe, without excitant odour neutral formula, does not contain phosphorus, ammonia, bleach, grinding materials, APEO ( Nonylphenol) Chlorinated hydrocarbon ( ODS) And aromatic solvent oil, all components can be natural degradation, conform to the provisions of the eu RoHS environmental protection directive method of use: based on the degree of the besmirch diluted by 5% ~ 15% proportion, cooperate with ultrasonic cleaning machine in cleaning heat up to 70 ℃ can achieve better effect. In the water cycle is commonly 3 ~ 5 working days, in the period of domestic demand, whether to add concentrate. Appearance: blue transparent liquid PH: 7 ( The 5% solution) Weight: 1. 02 packing: 20 kg/barrel 200 kg/barrel
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