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Optimal defects of optical glass lenses

by:ChangHui     2020-07-24
Advantages: under the high refractive index has lower dispersion coefficient, good hardness, easy dyeing, pervious to light and thin lens with a contrast, uv protection, suitable all glasses, glass lenses of the refractive index of 1. 7 - 1. 89. Defect: the lens is heavy, fragile, poor impact resistance, not appropriate to children and teenagers to wear, low security, inappropriate half box, wu kuang frames. Optimal defects of optical resin lenses advantages: 1, light weight. Half the weight of glass lenses to a third. 2, not easy to break: if the lens is break, not only fragments are less, and less sharp, can make eye and facial injury situation to a minimum. 3, able to dyeing: resin lens easy dyeing, with clothing, popular do moderate deployment. Can interrupt uv: almost completely breaking wave 350 mm under ultraviolet light, effect is better than the glass lenses. 4, anti-fog strong sex: due to the resin lenses of thermal conductivity was lower than those of glass, not easy for steam, hot water, gas and produce an image, even vaguely will also decline soon. 5, can prevent dent: high fever usually small simple substance in the glass forming dent and mottled, but if touched the resin lens, bounce off automatically, formed in the lens looks no trace. Defects: 1, simple bruises, scraping resistance of resin lens is glass lenses is poor, but appearance hardening treatment can improved, but the effect is limited. 2, the thickness of the glass lens thickness: the love of beauty is human talent, too thick lens is very awkward, deepness myopia is more regarded as more difficult. Although recently there is a lot of improvement, but still relatively thick glass lenses a lot. 3, simple happened when frame deformation: this is because the plastic lenses density was lower than those of glass lenses. 4, not high temperature resistant, although the thermosetting resin as raw materials, but once the plating on the multilayer film, multilayer membrane appearance may occur due to high temperature cracking.
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