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Released by the industry information network '- 2015 In 2022 China panoramic optical lens industry research and investment strategy consulting report is analyzed.

by:ChangHui     2020-07-11
A market supply analysis, optical lens at present, more than 2000 optical lens production enterprises in our country, with an annual output of 88 million pay of frames of more than 400 million vice, resin lens, optical lens nearly 2. 8 billion pieces, as of March 2015, 15 years optical lens production in China has reached 700 million pieces. 2010 - In 2014 China's optical lens production data source: China optical photoelectron industry association, optical lens, the market demand analysis of 2010-2 2014 China optics market demand data source: China's three, optical lenses, optical photoelectron industry association industry characteristics analysis of optical lens products are the main sales object for digital cameras, digital cameras, camera phones matching lens module and terminal products manufacturers, so with the development of the consumer electronics industry has strong correlation, and consumer electronics industry is a typical fully competitive industries, products are greatly influenced by the industry's cyclical fluctuations, the corresponding business performance also assumes the cyclical fluctuations. At the same time, because the main downstream products are consumer electronics products, affected by domestic and foreign holiday sales are seasonal. Generally speaking in the first quarter is usually sales off-season, third and fourth quarters for the selling season. In terms of sales area, due to the optical lens products are mainly used in digital cameras, digital cameras, video cameras monitoring, and these industry manufacturers is given priority to with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc, the corresponding, sales of optical lenses were also mainly concentrated in the area, for Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and many other manufacturers to save costs, using China abundant labor resources in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta to set up foreign-funded enterprises, and domestic sales area mainly concentrated in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta region. Four lenses, optical technology development trend of optical lens production mainly used precision plane optical cold working technology and precision optics technology. Precision plane optical cold working technology is a study optical parts manufacturing process and process principle, technology and practical application. It includes the most basic manufacturing optical components of the grinding and polishing process, and in the process of optical processing all kinds of auxiliary technology adopted by the optical materials and preparation technology, etc. Also includes with the development of modern science and technology, there appeared with the original process of concept and completely different new technology, such as changing refraction series, polymer optical components, optical parts diffraction optical element, fiber optical components manufacturing, as well as the optical parts precision ultrasonic cleaning, etc. Arguably precision plane optical cold working technology, therefore, is not only a traditional science and technology, is a involving different processing mechanism, material science, control science and surveying of a new science and technology. Precision of thin film optical technology is based on the theory of thin film optical, optical coating process as simply a practical very strong discipline and technology. Optical thin film is an important branch of optics, the object of study is the film to light reflection, transmission, absorption and phase characteristics, polarization effect, etc. , which is light in a layered medium propagation characteristics and regularity, is an indispensable part of modern optics. No optical thin film, many optical devices will not be able to function, not work. Optical thin film preparation process and the vacuum technology, surface physics, materials science, plasma technology and so on are closely related, is a comprehensive discipline. The future development trend is mainly in order to improve the temperature stability of the spectral curve and product performance of resistance to bad environment for a long time and the ion source assisted deposition technology.
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