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Resin lenses, generally is much lighter than the glass lenses, and shock resistance is superior to glass, uv protection capability is strong, but its surface hardness is low

by:ChangHui     2020-07-07
The universe ( PC) Lens: high refractive index, and firm, but easy to wear. Most used in children's glasses, no protective eyewear frame assembly or athletes. Optical lens coating have what advantage? Coating on the surface of the lens can reduce lens reflected light, see things clearly, reduce mirror reflected light, increased the light transmittance, and solve the problem of wear glasses camera under the strong light, increase the aesthetic feeling. Coating can glasses prevent ultraviolet ray, infrared and X-ray harm to eyesight. Wearing coating glasses is not easy to fatigue. On the screen before staff eyesight can be protected. Coating resin lenses in addition to the high temperature should avoid to crash, also should avoid acids such as soot erosion, such as in daily life is best not to wear glasses to cook, especially when bad ventilation lampblack big; At the same time also can't wear ( Belt) Into the mirror, Nearly) Hot water shower environment, common temporary placement should be lens raised face up, should be the glasses in the box when carrying, don't fit into a pocket, or in the hang bag, so easy to make the film scratches. The service life of the lens for how long? If the lens without scratches, can continue to use? The answer is no. Resin lens processing is high temperature liquid monomer or uv curing, with longer life cycle, the change of environment and temperature, film layer on the surface of the lens and the lens material itself can change the physical, membrane layer under a microscope to see will be uneven, local luminosity and fitting materials itself has produced differences, lead to the light scattering, comfort, with long time will have the symptoms of dry eyes, distention, this time, you need to replace the lens. Time will be about 2 years to 3 years. Spherical lens and the aspherical lens traditional spherical lens, lens not only thicker, and through the lenses around things such as distortion and deformation phenomena occur, is called the aberration. Observe the wearer under the spherical lens can obviously found the facial contour deformation phenomenon. Aspheric lens not only reduce the center of the lens thickness and edge thickness, make the lens thinner, more eliminating aberration, surrounding the natural sight to the wearer. For vision, high degree of consumers choose the aspherical lenses may be more appropriate. The same material, compared to the same degree of spherical and aspherical, aspheric lenses depending on the flatter, thinner and more vivid, more natural and comfortable. If the lamp watching lens coating shapes, usually is a spherical lens reflex tubes is straight ( Except the high dioptre lenses) ; The spherical lens because each part of the surface curvature is different, tube shape bending is bigger.
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