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Scanned Document Can Be Edited Using Optical Character

by:ChangHui     2020-04-18
If you want to convert the printed documents into a text file, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will be your solution. OCR is software works with the scanner device. It will convert the scanned pages into editable text files. The printed documents like text books, NEWS paper, magazines, manually typed, or computer printed. OCR will not work for hand written document pages. You have to copy the text file into word file, proof read the document, change the format if required and load it to the web site. OCR will directly load your document into word file. Many scanners come with the OCR software. Also you can purchase the OCR from online source. Some may be expensive, select the best one that would fulfill your requirement. If you would like to do for a few of the pages you can select the cheaper one. It will be the best for low number of pages and it cheaper. When you have the OCR embedded with the scanner you can scan the documents. It will ask for correction for unrecognized characters in the document. You can give your suggestion to make the changes. You can also choose from the list of suggestions from Help and choose the right word. Does the OCR be converted into PDF format? Your digital documents (Microsoft Word) or images from scanner or FAX can be converted into PDF files. When a PDF file created from the scanned documents they cannot be modified or manipulated and they will optically identify the characters with the help of OCR. If you want to manipulate an image based PDF, which was created by the scanner or FAX? You can follow the steps described here. If you can select a word or character from within the PDF file then there is no need to consider for OCR software. You can simply choose a PDF converter. If you have the scanned document to manipulate then you will have to select the OCR product. Lot of online open source converters and premium converters were available. You can select from one of these. Most will utilize the same or common optical character recognition engines, so it's up to you to select the best which will suite your budget. After installing your software open your PDF file with the software installed for conversion. The new software should recognize the image PDF for conversion and prompt you to do optical character recognition. It is best to convert a page or two at a time. If you would like to perform the process for a multiple pages it would take much time for the conversion. You have to set the settings before you start the procedure. When the conversion gets completed a list of suggestion is provided to you where you would like to save your conversion. The list includes Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, etc. Choose the best that you wish to make alterations in the document. When you saved your document in the new format you will be able to edit the text as you need.
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