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Semiconductor Fiber Could Replace Fiber Optic

by:ChangHui     2020-08-06

This is a new kind of connector and reduces the scale of the connector by 50%, permitting increased connector densities. Optical fibres are also used for the direct transmission of images from inaccessible locations or harsh environments over a short distance. One necessary utility is medical endoscopy used for the examination of the digestive tract and in key hole surgical procedure.

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Therefore, a picture projected onto one face is transmitted to and appears on the other one, every fibre transmitting the sunshine of one pixel. It is to transmit a digital signal with a pulse length of 10 nsec.

The most pulse period to be accurately interpreted by the receiver is 14 nsec. Calculate the maximum size of fibre for use between regenerative repeaters. This is a measure of the power of the fibre to gather the sunshine incident on it.

Many hundreds of fibres are assembled right into a coherent bundle of approximately 2 or three cm in diameter. The term coherent on this context means that the individual fibres retain their relative positions between the 2 ends of the bundle.

These are pluggable modules which give either a copper or fibre optic interface, and allow users to simply change the media interface from copper to fibre optics. GLMs include a serialiser-deserialiser and have a media impartial parallel interface to the host bus adapter.
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