Focus on challenging optical components

Single focal lens that is the focus of optical lenses, is the most widely used optical lens

by:ChangHui     2020-06-08
1, glass lenses have more scratch resistant than other lens material properties, but also relative to its weight is heavy, the refractive index is relatively high: ordinary piece of 1. 523, ultrathin section as follows: 1. More than 72, up to 2. 0. 2, high polymer resin lenses polymer resin lens more light than glass lenses, the impact resistance is not easy to break, but because of its hardness is low, so more easily than glass has scratches. 3, the PC lens have a material impact resistance more than high polymer resin, often used in aviation supplies transparent Windows and astronauts mask, it is only about one over ten of the weight of the glass, compared with the traditional resin lens is only half the weight. General PC lenses need to add after scraping resistance protective film, in use will be enough to get a better aging, most used in children's glasses. PC lens also has an important characteristic, that is the PC lens have isolated from harmful ultraviolet radiation effect, but its shortcomings also includes surface easy to scrape.
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