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The invention relates to optical system technical field, especially relates to a lens can be adjusted the whole sealing optical system

by:ChangHui     2020-05-24
Technical background: optical system is the most afraid of be dust, a grain of dust will not only change the system of the optical properties, and can even cause the entire optical system damage, therefore, in the test state of the optical system is always placed in the clean room. But the data in the clean room, only as a guidance parameters, in industrial design, need according to the specific machine, adjust the parameters of the optical device. Conventional approach has two kinds: first, the whole optical system to make the whole cavity clean, dust-free room for installation debugging in the factory, close to the user, this will not be in a regular environment requires the user to open the sealed cavity, it will be some difficulties, especially when the equipment failure, only returned to the factory, this will bring a big trouble and use ( Maintenance) The cost. Second, the optical system make it open, only do a simple sheet metal casing, belongs to the sealed performance is poor of that kind of, the reason is that; Do seal need to adjust the optical system is bad, because optical adjustment state of uncertainty, such as; Commonly used two-dimensional frame, lens is installed on the plate, by two trimmer screw to adjust the moving plate, therefore, its state is unpredictable, so can only take chances, and I hope optical system is not a problem, the advantage is; The cost is low. The above two ways, has its limitations, the first need in the event of a failure to return factory repair, users are not satisfied, because of the delay production, the occurrence of the second failure probability is very big, may even lead to equipment damage, therefore, the user is not very satisfactory. Figure 1 for a common open optical system, its working principle is as follows: through artifacts reflected beam up 1, through the two-dimensional galvanometer 2, exposure to the two-dimensional frame 45 ° mirrors all 3 on 3 - 1, install here is the purpose of a two-dimensional frame of 45 ° all the lens 3 - 1 to 2 d adjustment, make its optical axis after 4 - focusing mirror 1, accurate exposure to CCD ( Industrial camera) 5, if there is no 2 d frame 3, it is hard to optical axis reflection to CCD ( Industrial camera) 5. Because of 45 ° lens 3 - 1 and 4 - focusing mirror 1 all need two dimensional adjustment, therefore, the optical system is accomplished very hard seal. Chinese patent illustrations of the CN 201922171 u open a laser cutting head, the welding head light path protection device, its light seal protection of the road with the method of expansion casing, but its still defects as follows: 1, there must be space between the pipe and pipe, otherwise can't easily slip, this will lead to failed to build a completely sealed the inner cavity of the internal and external environment is well versed in, then, without the seal of the casing is difficult to protect light road, not to mention the 'seal'. 2, this kind of pipe is suitable for vertical installation, only is not very suitable for horizontal installation, for horizontal installation, can lead to the intermediate casing 'arch the back', the casing section number, the more the 'arch the back' phenomenon is more obvious, so that the laser will hit the pipe wall, which affect the output of the light path. Therefore, how to guarantee under the premise of optical system has a good sealing, to realize the adjustment of the optical lens is a problem to be solved.
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