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The invention relates to the lens processing technology, especially with an optical lens cleaning method

by:ChangHui     2020-07-31
Technical background: optical technology innovation, and pushing Chen optical products is more rapid, optical lens cleaning is indispensable in the field of quality assurance. Optical lens coating, bonding, coating and ink processing were established on the basis of the lens surface cleanliness standards, lens surface cleanliness as the foundation of the lenses after engineering processing, with the aim to processing lens, dry degree of cleanliness. Lens surface moisture of the process will not be able to process easier to cause the lens surface after that press a gram, suck the bad phenomena such as ash. Because of the complexity of the processing and quality request more and more high, the current traditional cleaning method often can't meet the requirements of the latest technology and engineering. Traditional optical lens cleaning method is as follows: in sodium hydroxide solution alkaline cleaning first, again with ultrasonic vibration after washed, then dry or drying. Are the shortcomings of the traditional method, it is difficult to thoroughly clean the surface of the lens is extremely tiny particles, especially after the lens polishing, hard to remove the lens cylinder ( The polished surface) On the remains of the adhesion, or even to lens cylinder separately and is polished and clean, the lens a great impact on the quality and yield of products. Technical implementation elements: main solve the technical problems of the present invention is to provide an optical lens cleaning method, can ensure the cleanliness of the surface of the lens is good. To achieve the above purpose, the present invention to solve the technical scheme is adopted by the technical problems: an optical lens cleaning method, including the following steps: ( 1) Organic solvent cleaning fluid to clean the lens; ( 2) The alkaline cleaning fluid to clean the lens; ( 3) Acid cleaning fluid to clean the lens; ( 4) Deionized water to clean the lens; ( 5) Alcohol cleaning lenses; ( 6) The lens to dry; In the step ( 1) ~ ( 3) After each step of using water cleaning fluid cleaning;
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