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The invention relates to the lens processing technology, the specific method involved in the manufacture of optical lenses

by:ChangHui     2020-05-13
Technical background, the existing optical lens in the process of manufacturing process, for optical lens surface treatment technology has certain defects, makes the optical lens processing cycle is long, the surface quality is poor, at the same time, optical lens using glue dispensing equipment uniformity of poor, control glue dripping mechanism is complex, the cost of production and maintenance is high. Technical implementation elements: in order to overcome the technical problems, the purpose of the present invention is to provide optical glass manufacturing method, in the grinding process step, in a small spherical grinding grinding equipment placed 2 - in the dish The particle size of 3 g for 5 - And add 2 to 10 microns polyurethane powder 3 ml of distilled water, to shorten the processing cycle, remove the sand after hanging concave and convex layer and crack, make transparent lens surface smooth, the effect of geometry on the surface of the precise correction; Use of centrifugal force and air flow will drop in paving on the surface of the lens glue, glue daub effect is better; Operators can be quantitatively spray glue press platen, the overall structure is simple, the production and maintenance costs low, has certain market extension. 。 The purpose of the present invention can be realized through the following technical scheme: optical lens manufacturing methods, including picking - Wild fold - Sand hang - Grinding - Core take - Coating - Glue - Paint and ink - Encapsulation process steps, the specific process steps are as follows: ( 1) Acquisition: according to the need to obtain from the warehouse lens type; ( 2) Waste fold: by milling machine tool's fixture to fixed lens by milling machine of diamond grinding wheel edge to reach the curvature of lens type material side processing of 1. 49, 1. 56, 1. 61, 1. 67 and 1. Either the radius of curvature of less than 74 Ra12. The surface roughness of the 5 mm, and then fixed on opposite by milling machine type diamond grinding wheel will be on the edge of the lens material processing to achieve the same on the other side of the radius of curvature and less than Ra12. The surface roughness of the 5 mm; ( 3) Sand hang: step ( 2) Processing of lenses, placed in a small spherical single sand sand hang dish type equipment, the starter small spherical single sand hanging equipment sand hanging dish along its axis high-speed rotation, and the lens along its axis high speed rotation and break move back and forth, by sand grinding surface of the lens, hang dish make lens surface curvature radius to further improve the accuracy and plane degree, by the same token, the other side of the lens type material for sand hanging operation; ( 4) Grinding: step ( 3) Processing of lenses, placed in a small spherical grinding equipment in the grinding plate, place 2 - in the interior of the grinding plate The particle size of 3 g for 5 - And add 2 to 10 microns polyurethane powder 3 ml distilled water, the lens in the grinding plate along its axis high speed turning, grinding plate along its axis high-speed rotating at the same time, and back and forth, by grinding particles on the surface of the plate grinding, grinding fluid in the glass lens surface holes, lens surface hydrolysis reaction to remove sand hang after the principle of concave and convex layer and crack, make transparent lens surface smooth, the effect of geometry on the surface of the accurate correction, in the same way, the other side of the lens type material for grinding operation; ( 5) Take: core will step ( 4) Processing of lenses, motivation through light into the hand of the fixture for core, using a coaxial precision is very high, and end face precise vertical axis of the core holder, applying in the elastic clamp head with the help of the workpiece clamping, when the lens is in the core status, due to its edge thickness varies, lens unbalanced force, thus the force of the lens can be along the vertical axis direction, until the lens edge thickness is consistent, uniform stress after lens no longer move, optical axis of the lens and now to coincide with chuck axis, so as to realize the lens set core, set the core around the lens through high-speed grinding after processing; ( 6) Coating: will step ( 5) Processing of lenses, by ultrasonic cleaning, and then place the lens after cleaning in the vacuum coating machine, coating material through heating, formation of gaseous molecules or molecular group, after a collision free transmission, in solid combination of lens surface film; ( 7) Agglutination: will step ( 6) Already in the coating of the two lens curvature radius of the same lens as a group, by dispensing equipment spray hose in a lens point glue, and then through the fan will glue capitation, and then put another lens, glue solidified before through the adjustment of the lens on the right of eccentric, eccentric adjusted after exposure to the lens preliminary together, after UV oven weak UV light UV irradiation for a long time to make the glue solidified completely, two lenses will be firmly glued together; ( 8) Coated ink: the step ( 7) Is glued in the lens is placed in the blackening machine, makes the lens along its axis at high speed, use a sponge or brush dipped in ink, ink on the edge evenly, after high temperature baking, ink on the edge of the lens to form homogeneous solid black paint; ( 9) Packaging: encapsulate the processed products by encapsulating device. Is: further steps ( 3) Described the sand hanging dish of inner surface evenly coated with rubber king kong pill. Is: further steps ( 4) Described the grinding plate internal evenly coated with polyurethane adhesive system. Is: further steps ( 7) Dispensing equipment including plate, plate and frame and a base, on the surface of base plate is fixed with the base, described at the top of the base of the active connection with rotating clamping machine, rotary clamping units including with the base through the rotation of the bearing active connection table, the top surface of described the turntable of axis symmetry to open two piece of chute, the sidewalls of the described the turntable activities connected with two clamping piece of chute attachment parallel double screw, among them, the bidirectional screw located at one side of the outer wall of the turntable end welding screw block, described the bidirectional screw on both sides of the outer wall respectively spin close connection is connected to the corresponding clamp block sliding chute of clamping piece and the bottom center of the turntable, the welding has both cover set screw sleeve, bottom center location of casing seat is welded casing, described in the casing and the base of inner fixed drive motor shaft driving the motor connection; Described in the bottom of the top surface is located at the base of the lateral welding with vertical set up of frame, referred to establish the top surface of welding have set cover plate rotating clamping units, described on the plate and establish the sidewall welding between racks, described in the plate on the top face should be rotating clamping units are located in fixed fan cover, fan cover internal fixation has described fan, fan cover the top of the mask has described filter; Stated on the top face plate fixed have store close to where the fan cover plastic cans, described the sidewalls of the floorstand fixed spray adhesive mechanism, spray adhesive institutions including and establish the connection hose storage, described in the store the sliding inside connection has a piston plate of rubber hose, top surface of the piston plate is fixed with extended to store the hose on the ceiling of the screw, the top surface of the screw, the fixed clamp, described the screw in the reservoir hose on the ceiling of the outer wall of the screw connection with adjustable ring, the top surface of the hose storage, the set has a socket adjustable ring and clamp connection reset spring, described the sidewalls of the hose storage Settings with the glue at the bottom of the tank storage through the hose into the rubber hose, referred to store the bottom surface of rubber hose connected with the hose, the inside of the hose, the installation has a one-way valve; Described in the walls of the support frame corresponding rotating clamping units are located in welding pipe rack, pipe rack internal fixation described are top down through the hose and the hose connected and vertical setting spray hose.
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