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The Optical Carrier Fiber Network

by:ChangHui     2020-04-10
Today, most of the telecommunication systems are being run on the fiber optic network. This network has many advantages over the older versions of networking. The optical carrier fiber network is becoming popular at a tremendous rate due to its advantages. A few years ago, people were using electrical transmission methods that were very inefficient. There are still a few places where these systems are being used. The continuous growth of the net in the past few years has automatically called for new techniques in information transfer. The faster the technology, the better the businesses and transactions that are conducted online will become. The amount of virtual traffic that is going around the globe has increased progressively. This growth has made the old techniques of data transfer indispensable in transferring information effectively and efficiently. These cables were initially only available to large firms. However, even smaller businesses can now get these cables by leasing them. The large firms are mostly comprised of telecommunication firms. The telecommunication firms invested in these cables before they become monopolized. These networking cables are installed by firms and individuals who are known as fiber providers. This technology's demand has been increasing since many people want to have access to fiber network. Businesses that have installed this type of network can download and upload things at a faster speed. This new cable uses light to transmit information from one place to another. This light is modulated together with the electromagnetic wave to transfer the information. In this transmission of information, there has to be a transmitter. This gadget is used to create a signal before it is sent to the designated cable. A cable normally contains a cladding layer and a core layer that are essential for total internal reflection. The difference in refractive index between the two cables helps to transmit the information. There is an outside coating which function is to protect the inner layers from environmental factors. Cables are usually made with different coating materials, but the refractive indexes of the two inner layers have to be different. When the signal is received on the other end, it is converted into an electric signal. These networking cables can be connected to the Ethernet cables for local area network connections. A single cable usually has several strands that have a large potential of bandwidth. The bandwidth is actually measured in terabytes per second. Apart from the high speed, this type of networks are being preferred by many people because they are reliable. These optic cables are inherently strong, however, the strength may be reduced by exposure of the cable to microscopic surface flaws. This reduction in strength usually occurs in the manufacturing companies, but it is due to unavoidable circumstances. The causes of strength reduction can be classified into three types. The causes include zero stress aging, dynamic fatigue and static fatigue. Cables that are weak may develop a failure within a short time than cables that are strong. This strength can actually be used to determine the quality of the optical carrier fiber network.
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