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The present invention belongs to the optical parts processing technology, the concrete involves edge error control method of optical glass processing

by:ChangHui     2020-06-11
Technical background: in the modern optical processing, computer control surface forming (often use CCOS) Methods to processing various optical element. CCOS is based on the basic principle of surface profile error data using far less than the diameter of the workpiece grinding head through the computer control of the various points on the workpiece material at various points in the dwell time implementation form of quantitative removal. When refined head on the edge of the workpiece position, because of the change in the contact area pressure at every point in actual processing nonlinear removal, there will be a so as to make the edges of the processing quality is extremely difficult to control, also is very easy to produce commonly known as the 'side' and 'become warped edge' phenomenon. For such a solution at the edge of the error at present has been looking for is not affected by edge machining tools, but this is bound to greatly increase the cost of processing equipment and application scope. If you can find a way to effectively restrain the error margin, but is not limited to the control precision of processing equipment, can use cheap and flexible industrial robot to realize intelligent control precision polishing processing, the intellectualization of precision polishing process and precision has an important role. Technical implementation elements: the aim of the present invention is to provide an optical lens optical edge error control method in the processing of refined head, with significant inhibition of the workpiece edge error and not rely on and control precision of the processing equipment. The invention of optical lens optical edge error control method in the processing of refined, basic idea is: first of all, is according to the measurement of surface profile error with suitable as quadric surface function adjustment, including translation, tilt and away from the focal item, get a new surface shape error function; Add the quadric surface can make workpiece edge ( The width of this region and the polishing head diameter) Minimal surface shape error of the least squares integral; Then, for polishing ( Processing) Path on the different position of removal function; Among them, the polishing path according to the polishing system dynamic performance planning for the optimal solution; The machining path discrete into equidistant sampling points, spacing according to the polishing head size Settings; For polishing removal function measurement and modeling, consider the edge effect, so the remove function change according to the workpiece coordinate position. Then, calculate the dwell time at different location of the polishing path. Finally, based on the polishing path and dwell time generate control program, for polishing workpiece.
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