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The utility model relates to an optical field, especially those involving an optical lens installation structure

by:ChangHui     2020-07-12
Technical background: at present, in the optical system will use a lot of mirror of optical lenses, for example, the optical lens needs to be fixed reliable and high positioning precision. Because in the light path, the mirror will put their deflection Angle error of the two times the response to the emergent light, so the general optical lens fixed with a higher accuracy, especially for mirror deflection Angle accuracy requirement is relatively higher, at the same time to its long-term also requires a high degree of reliability. In the optical system of the practical application scheme, it is with high machining precision adjustable structure as the optical lens fixed structure to fixed reflector optical lenses, by way of fixed or shrapnel gluewater will mirror lens fixed on the supporting, such as the scheme of high machining accuracy and consistency of the support structure and could not be mass production. Another solution is to use an adjustable optical lens fixed way and fixed support structure, by way of shrapnel pin or gluewater optics such as mirrors fixed on the support member, and then in the light path of the optical lens by means of optical detection of light Angle adjustment to the Angle of the need, but this way costs are relatively high, at the same time adjusting mechanism larger will be restricted by optical system of space, in addition to using multiple optical lens optical system at the same time, time-consuming to the regulating mode, and seriously affect the production efficiency and reliability. Therefore, has to provide a new kind of optical lens installation structure in order to solve the above problems. Technical implementation elements: the utility model is mainly to solve the technical problem is to provide a new type of optical lens installation structure, in order to solve the existing technology of the optical system optical lens production efficiency is low, the problem of reliability is not high. In order to solve the technical problems, the utility model adopts a technical scheme is: to provide an optical lens installation structure, including positioning, and described in the positioning of the set piece together to form the space of the fixed component, wherein positioning for ladder structure, and include at least one optical lens used to locate the positioning of the steps. Optimization, fixed components including pressing plate and the pressing plate on both sides of the fastening structure. Optimization, optical lens installation structure including at least two positioning the steps described, positioning on the steps including a locating surface with oblique Angle, wherein at least two of the orientation Angle of the same or different. Beneficial effects of this utility model is: from the existing technology, the utility model provides an optical lens installation structure, including used to determine the optical lens location positioning and used in fixed optical lenses to support a fixed components, optical lenses can be removed by vacuum adsorption set it is positioning on, optical lens fixed components supporting elements described by equipping it is on the positioning of the optical lens installation structure. The utility model through the positioning of the optical lens installation structure to realize localization of optical lenses, replace the existing directly on the optical lens supports orientation, reduces the processing difficulty and the cost of production, and has simple structure, easy to use, facilitate the adjustment of the optical lens, and after installation products of high reliability, good user experience. Concrete implementation way should understand that the concrete implementation example described here only the utility model can be explained, is not used to limit the utility model. As shown in figure 1, for the utility model optical lens installation structure decomposition structure schematic diagram; As shown in figure 2, for the utility model using a state diagram of optical lens installation structure. Optical lens installation structure of the utility model 2, 1 is used for auxiliary positioning lenses optical lens 2 on the optical lens supports 3. 2 for planar lenses, optical lenses in this implementation way, for the rectangular planar reflector. Some implementation methods of the utility model, plane of the lens can be designed for round, trapezoid or other irregular graphics, etc. , in another way, the optical lens can also are reflecting a concave and convex mirror, etc. Optical lens supports 3 including installation used in optical lens 2 31 and linked to the installation of 31 32 fixed department. Optical lens installation structure including 1 used to locate the installation position of optical lens 2 the positioning of the 11, used for optical lenses supports 3 for space and support for fixed lenses 3 fixed components of 12 pieces. Optical lens supports 3 through 12 equipping fixed components in optical lens installation structure on the positioning of the department. Positioning of 11 to the ladder-like structure, including at least two of the 111 used to locate the optical lens positioning of 2 steps, positioning the steps 111 is a precision machining, the setting is required for locating surface of optical lens tilt Angle, the 1110 and connect the junction surface of locating surface 1110. A high precision locating surface 1110. 1110 locating surface for 2 with optical lens with the shape of rectangular, in some ways, the positioning of the shape of the face 1110 can also is round, trapezoid or irregular shapes, the practical application, the positioning of the shape of the face 1110 choose a 3 dimensional limitation to consider support fixed reliability and optical lens 2. The optimization, the length and width of 1110 surface is greater than the width of the optical lens 2. Optical lens 2 can be directly fixed by means of vacuum adsorption on locating surface 1110 in order to satisfy the demands of the installation of the optical lens. Further, the positioning of the 11 and the relative side of the wall surface detection hole is set on 112, after the orientation Angle of optical lens 2, through holes through the test of 112 laser, the optical lens tilt Angle and the installation location of 2 for testing, in order to make further adjustments. As shown in figure 2, figure 2 is the top view of the utility model locating surface 1110, optical lens 2 is fixed by means of vacuum adsorption on locating surface 1110, as shown in figure, locating surface 1110 set on 1111 vacuum absorption holes, selection, vacuum absorption holes shown in 1111, located in the center position locating surface 1110 is, in some ways, as shown in the vacuum absorption holes can also be set with 1110 other surface left to the right place. In some implementations, 1110 can be set on the surface, there are two and two of the vacuum absorption holes, two vacuum absorption holes, for example, two vacuum absorption holes respectively located in the center position in the face of said about location. The implementation ways are described as shown in figure, with three vacuum absorption holes, one of the three vacuum absorption holes position locating surface 1110 is the center, the other two in locating surface 1110 symmetric around the center position. Of course for the installation of large optical lenses can also have more than three vacuum absorption holes, the choice of the number of vacuum absorption holes need to consider the size and shape of optical lenses. In this implementation mode, the orientation of 11 set on more than 1110 surface, so that can be fixed at the same time more groups of optical lenses, the more than 1110 respectively through fine processing surface to meet the installation requirements with the matching optical lens, such as the installation Angle, flatness requirement, etc. And, of course, can choose other implementation methods, only an optical lens, and the utility model can be used for installation.
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