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The utility model relates to an optical lens assembly equipment, belongs to the flying optical lens processing manufacturing technology field, more specifically, the utility model relates to a kind of

by:ChangHui     2020-06-12
Technical background: optical lens as a high-tech product, now it has a wide application, in its processing, as a core component of optical lens, lens needs precise positioning within the tube, and can't offset or tilt, avoid optical lens optical path change and affect the overall effect; Her past lenses are using artificial pressure cylinder, due to the uneven pressure of dust and other human factors, hand, lead to the lens assembly time consuming, and take up the number of workers, low efficiency, and due to human error, lead to the lens assembly size, after lens installation precision is low, lens tilt migration, and there is no guarantee that the lens and lens barrel coaxial, affect the subsequent optical lens to use, is not conducive to mass, high precision of lens tube assembly. Technical implementation elements: based on the above technical problems, the utility model provides a used for optical mirror lenses and lens barrel assembly clamping device, so as to solve the previous optical lens, lens and lens barrel assembly is no guarantee that the assembly accuracy, low efficiency of technical problems. To solve the above technical problem, the utility model adopts the technical scheme is as follows: used for optical mirror lenses and lens barrel assembly clamping device, including the base and vertical set on the base of support, the base face set has pressure, pressure on the bridge top activities connected with positioning, positioning block has set in central positioning column, the tube, described on transverse lateral set a fixed plate, a fixed plate on the vertical equipped with pneumatic cylinder, pneumatic cylinder pneumatic rod out of the bottom of the plate is located in the upper positioning column, and the tube, and pneumatic rod and coaxial positioning column, the tube, pneumatic cylinder is described, inlet adjustment knob and vent adjustment knob inlet adjustment knob and vent adjustment knob all through the trachea and set the air valve on the stent is connected. Optimization, pneumatic rod bottom still active connection have described stamping sheath, stamping sheath under transverse central detachable connection with stamping parts, stamping parts with curved elastic plastic cushion is placed in the bottom. Optimization, described in the bracket is located in the setting of pneumatic rod bottom also has a guide block, described the pneumatic rod through the guide block and described stamping sheath after connection. Optimization, described on schedule control valve is equipped with air valve connected. Optimization, described in positioning the tube column top central positioning hole is set, and the positioning column top in the positioning hole open end set with positioning stage. Optimization, described in the setting of pneumatic cylinder top has a lock nut, described the pneumatic rod upper lock nut after the connection has increased. Optimization, base top also described by serpentine hose connection with lighting. Compared with the existing technology, the efficient effect of the utility model is: the utility model structure is simple easy to use, can press the lens after positioning the tube directly into, can guarantee both of assembly alignment, reducing assembly time and human error, and the force uniform, can guarantee the lens into the position and accuracy, so as to improve the assembly quality, improve the whole optical precision optical lens. The appended drawings show in figure 1 is the utility model structure schematic diagram; Figure 2 is a stamping sheath and locate the corresponding structure schematic diagram; The label in the graph, respectively is: 1, pneumatic rod; 2, increase block; 3, the adjusting knob; 4, lock nut; 5, pneumatic cylinder; 6, the trachea; 7, a fixed plate; 8, air valve; 9, the stroke control valve; 10, support; 11, inlet adjusting knob; 12, guide block; 13, stamping sheath; 131, stampings; 132, elastic plastic mat; 14, positioning the tube column; 141, positioning hole; 142, locate the steps; 15, positioning; 16, pressure; 17, base; 18, light; 19, serpentine hose; 20, lens; 21, lens barrel. Under the specific implementation way combining with the appended drawings of this utility model for further instructions. The implement method of the utility model including but not limited to the following example.
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