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The utility model relates to an optical lens cold work mould technology, specific involves a optical lens manufacture the fixed disk

by:ChangHui     2020-07-19
Technical background: in the international trend of photoelectric industry structure adjustment and industry transfer, the worldwide optical cold working capacity of mass transfer to China, our country has gradually become optical cold working of the world's manufacturing center, optical manufacturing capacity has more than five hundred million each year. Optical lens takes milling grinding, fine grinding steps made from cold working process. Optical lens manufacture process need high precision tooling, enables the optical lens to achieve the required accuracy. Optical lens manufacture technology has the following steps: 1, milling, it is to remove the lens surface uneven air bubbles and impurities ( About 0. 05 - 0. 08) , forming effect; 2 way: fine grinding process, is the lens to milling, to eliminate the damage layer, fixed R value; 3 way: polishing process in, is to fine grinding lenses in a polished, this procedure is mainly do look better; 4: cleaning process, it is after the polishing of polishing powder on the surface of the lens will up clean, prevent wear glasses; 5: edge grinding, is it the original lens diameter grinding to a specified diameter; 6: coating, it is necessary coating on lens surface plating a layer or layers of color film and other film; 7 way: with ink, is to have the lens need to prevent glance at its periphery coated with a layer of black ink; 8 way: glue, is to have 2 R value instead material the same size and diameter of the lens glue to the joint; Special process: machining ( A plate processing) And small spherical surface processing line, according to the different production processes, process will be slightly different, such as paint and ink and glue order. Milling grinding, fine grinding and polishing processes need machining plate tooling, in order to avoid processing plate vibration and wear on the lens when processing, the current has been used by elastic plate made of elastic material, but, in the process of processing of optical lenses, due to the elastic rock elastic plate, optical lens location is poor, easy to machining damage, scrap rate is high. So the traditional elastic plate easy to produce the product in the process of machining quality is not stable, lens scrap rate is too high, can't satisfy the technical requirements of users. Technical implementation elements: for this reason, the utility model provides a kind of optical lens manufacture fixed plate, a fixed plate for the rigid materials, and process the lens will not processed by dish of body shaking, rejection rate is low, and vacuum negative pressure and air squeezing the fixed way to fixed lens, to replace the existing technology of glue binding, the better the effect of the fixed and firm, and will not have any impact on the surface of the lens, in specific production effect is better. In order to solve the technical problems, the utility model provides a kind of optical lens manufacture fixed disk, including rigid materials plate, plate body of the surface of the homework set is described for embedded optical lens processing groove, groove described processing groove bottom Settings from the empty slot, described from the empty slot notch is the bottom of the channel area is less than the stated processing groove area, processing groove side arm setup described a circle fixed groove, described in the fixed ring groove set up the balloon, the balloon through the air inlet pipe connected to the pressurized air pump activity, set on the valve inlet manifold described, described institutions avoid empty set at the bottom of the tank vacuum.
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