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The utility model relates to an optical technical field, especially relates to a spring type optical lens compact structure

by:ChangHui     2020-07-13
Technical background: optical lens fixed installation is the steps necessary to each space optical related applications, it requires to fix the lens to the specified location and do not move or deformation, etc. Because the lens is usually produced by brittle material such as silica and has a very thin film plating layer above, very fragile, not directly with fittings fixed. Common lens fixed method is to place it in the tube, implement localization by other fixed lens barrel connection components. In this scenario, the compression fixed lens in the tube, is the key to the lens fixed effect. Before and after the first, about the lenses move any change will cause light path, so you need to lens in four directions are fixed; Secondly, considering the incident works best when the incident light from the lens center, looking for the lens center by using the method of visual error is bigger, should make the lens barrel and mirror stay together as far as possible, convenient people by measuring frame position precisely control the incident position. By far the most commonly used lens fixed way is to put the lens in the edge of the frame with a threaded hole, through the coil screwing in frame of lens fixation in the screw hole, in order to prevent the metal coil scratch lenses or due to uneven mechanical crushed glasses, usually between the lens and coil buffer to join a thin plastic gasket. The above method has some defects: first, the lens tube concentricity is not good, for the sake of lenses can easily take out put her cone hole, hole larger than the diameter of a lens, the tube, after the lens into the lens center is not fixed, lenses and mirrors tube being concentric is low, the optical axis concentric demanding general by observing the diffraction lens installation way to locate the Newton ring, and then fixed by glue or other way, the whole process is complex, and in the process of viscose and fixed error is random. Second, the lens fixed completely depend on coil screwing in implementation, when the shaking, coil loose not tight to causes such as coil, the lens will be shaking. Technical implementation elements: this application example by providing a circlip type optical lens compact structure, solves the existing technology of optical lens fixed lens deviated from optic axis center, lens fixed instability problems. This application example provides a spring type optical lens compact structure, including: optical lens, the diameter of the optical lens was first described in diameter; Mirror, referred to the second diameter, the diameter of the lens seat was described in diameter greater than 2 described the first diameter; Described in the optical lens in mentioned lens seat; Circlip ring, spring pressure circle described the inner wall of the conical surface, described pressure circlip ring is triangular vertical distribution; Described described pressure circlip ring into the lens holder, stated at the top of the optical lens; The walls of the described pressure circlip ring and described of the mirror wall elastic compression; Lock screw, lock described described coil screwing in the lens seat, used to described optical lens fixed; Among them, described the lens seat from bottom to top in turn as described in the optical lens, described circlip pressure circle, the circle of locking screw. Optimization, described pressure circlip ring inside diameter for the third diameter, described the third diameter less than the first diameter. Optimization, described diameter smaller than the diameter of a described in the first 2-3 5%. Optimization, described in the circlip ring material is phosphor copper. Optimization, described pressure circlip ring material is hard aluminum alloy. Described optimization, hard aluminum alloy is hard aluminum alloy 2014 or 7075 hard aluminum alloy. Optimization, described the optical lens fixed can be made to match the glue joint way. This application example provided in one or more of the technical proposal, at least with the following technical effect or advantages: the implementation of this application case, the circlip ring for the lining of the conical surface, vertical pressure circlip ring is triangular distribution, in a compact optical lens, the spring pressure on the circumference of a circle of optical lens contact point to create a point to the center of the optical axis is perpendicular to the uniform distribution on the surface of the cone pressure, making the center of the optical lenses and mirrors a hole at the center of the concentric. At the same time, the pressure circlip ring of the outer wall with the mirror wall elastic compression, due to the pressure circlip ring outer wall with the mirror of the guiding role, make the inner hole of the lens axis by circlip ring to the axis of optical lenses, optical lenses and optical axis concentric, reached the optical lens from the center of the technology in the process of fixed effects. Further, case, the implementation of this application using the spring compression ring, optical lens fixation combined with screwing in way of fixed screw holes, make the lens to achieve the effect of double fixed. Further, in this application case, the inner diameter of the spring pressure ring reasonable choice according to the diameter of the optical lens, prevent the optical lens sliding and off center. Further, in this application case, the pressure circlip ring choose small and resilient material hardness, better stuck optical lenses and mirrors, achieve better fixed effect. Further, in this application implementation example, using pressure circlip ring for the fixing of optical lens to match the glue joint way, to better fixed optical lens. Illustrated instructions in order to more clearly explains the implementation example of the technical scheme, in the implementation of case description below the appended drawings of the need to use a simple introduction, obviously, described below the appended drawings of the utility model is an implementation example, for the field common technical personnel, on the premise of not giving creative labor, can also according to the appended drawings for other appended drawings. Figure 1 case for the utility model provides a spring type optical lens compact structure schematic diagram; Figure 2 for the utility model example of a pressure circlip ring structure diagram. Among them, 1 - Optical lens, 2 - Mirror, 3 - Spring compression ring, 4 - Locking screw.
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