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Vision correction of myopia students not only need the optometry, right glasses with unqualified, and must be properly put to use. Otherwise still may not cause visual impairment. Some students myopia wear corrective lenses

by:ChangHui     2020-06-06
A, filthy dirty. Lens should be clean and clear, some students have neglected, the lens is dirty. Some glasses have been used for many years, the lens scratches, affect the light through. Second, the frame distortion. Due to wear for a long period of time, unavoidably make glasses are squeezed, pull, frame deformation. Wear when the lens optical center cannot is opposite the pupil, have a prism effect, damage eyesight. Three, and gm. Students of myopia wear glasses, see far ( Look at the blackboard) Wear use, see close or the same a pair of glasses, adding to the burden of the adjustment of the ciliary muscle, promote the development of myopia. Fourth, to borrow to wear glasses. Some students have myopia, you don't go to the optometry glasses, but borrow someone else ( Brother elder sister, classmates) The glasses. This kind of practice, blind, diopter, pd, optical center and optical axis deviation, often extremely harmful impact on the vision. To solve the above problem is not difficult. First of all, glasses should be paid attention to during the use of clean, rinse the lens grime, try again with a soft cloth or a chipless paper towel, not with thy skirts, finger wipe brush. To keep the glasses clean and avoid scratches. If the lens scratch a lot, should be timely replacement lenses. Second, the glasses do not arbitrarily add pocket, inside the bag, shall be deposited in the mirror box, properly kept. Found the frame distortion, wearing uncomfortable, cannot 'make', should ask professional help correct in a timely manner. Third, myopic glasses, best can match two pairs, see far, a pair of look close, make the eyes more comfortable. Fourth, never any other people's glasses, must oneself to the optometry, matching the right glasses.
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