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The brief story Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius by Jorge Luis Borges begins with the phrase 'I owe the discovery of Uqbar to the conjunction of a mirror and an encyclopedia' and accommodates other references to mirrors. Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There is one of the best-liked makes use of of mirrors in literature. The text itself makes use of a story that mirrors that of its predecessor, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Poltergeist III options mirrors that don't replicate actuality and which can be used as portals to the afterlife. Mirrors is a horror film about haunted mirrors that replicate completely different scenes than those in front of them.

This is a type of abstraction—typically the angle of view is such that the person's reflection shouldn't be seen. Similarly, in films and still images an actor or actress is often shown ostensibly taking a look at him- or herself in the mirror, and yet the reflection faces the camera. In actuality, the actor or actress sees only the digicam and its operator on this case, not their very own reflection.

Some pubs and bars hold mirrors depicting the emblem of a brand of liquor, beer or ingesting institution. Mirrors, usually large and unframed, are frequently utilized in interior decoration to create an illusion of space and amplify the apparent dimension of a room. They come additionally framed in a variety of types, such as the pier glass and the overmantel mirror. A Chinese magic mirror is an artwork by which the face of the bronze mirror tasks the same image that was cast on its again.

With the solar as gentle source, a mirror can be used to sign by variations in the orientation of the mirror. The signal can be utilized over long distances, probably as much as 60 kilometres on a clear day.

Contemporary anamorphic artist Jonty Hurwitz uses cylindrical mirrors to project distorted sculptures. István Orosz's anamorphic works are images distorted such that they solely turn out to be clearly seen when reflected in a suitably formed and positioned mirror. Many self-portraits are made possible through the use of mirrors, similar to the nice self-portraits by Dürer, Frida Kahlo, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. M. C. Escher used particular shapes of mirrors so as to achieve a much more full view of his environment than by direct remark in Hand with Reflecting Sphere (also referred to as Self-Portrait in Spherical Mirror). Painters depicting somebody gazing right into a mirror often also show the individual's reflection.

This method was used by Native American tribes and numerous militaries to transmit information between distant outposts. They may range from small sizes, good to hold with oneself, to full physique sized; they may be handheld, cellular, fixed or adjustable.

In the psychology of perception, this is known as the Venus impact. Light is 'folded' by a number of mirrors so that the television set is compact. Mirrors can also be used for search to draw the attention of search and rescue parties. Specialized type of mirrors can be found and are often included in army survival kits.
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