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What Is Optic Neuropathy?

by:ChangHui     2020-04-17
Optic neuropathy is a serious disease of our optic nerves, which are the special types of nerves that carry images of what we see from our eyes to the brain. When these nerves get damaged due or the protective sheath or myelin around these nerves that is absolutely vital for proper vision get affected due to some reasons, we generally call it optic neuropathy. Due to this disease, our vision gets blurred, and we lose the capability to see anything in a perfect manner. We may also encounter severe pain in our eyes due to this complexity. Optic neuropathy is generally common with young adults who are in the age group of 18 - 45. More women suffer from this disease than men. Causes There could be a variety of reasons for which we may suffer from optic neuropathy. For instance, different sort of eye diseases, such as glaucoma, can always be the culprit for this problem. Moreover, some of the serious diseases of the central nervous system and the brain, for example, brain stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain tumor etc. may be the reason for this disease. Again, you may also suffer from this disease due to some of the hereditary issues. An injury or trauma can also be a serious risk factor for this problem. Nutritional deficiency and some type of toxins including tobacco and alcohol may be the cause for optical neuropathy. Different types of infections like taxoplasmosis and other viral infections HIV or Hepatitis B may also be the guilty factor for this disease. Again, whenever the blood flows in the nervous system get blocked due to some reasons, we may suffer from this problem. Uncontrolled diabetes may also be the cause for this disease. Treatment If a definite reason for optic neuropathy can be found, then an appropriate therapy can be applied for the successful treatment of this disease. In some cases, the vision becomes normal within two to twelve weeks without any treatment. Some types of steroids are also used for the treatment of this problem in the nerves. For the diabetic patients who suffer from this disease, it is generally recommended by the physicians to change the lifestyle and bring complete discipline. They are advised to control weight, to exercise regularly and be particularly cautious about the intake of food. Moreover, alcohol and tobacco must be avoided completely. Following the advice of the doctors and becoming always careful is required to get rid of optic neuropathy.
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