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What Is Optical Cable?

by:ChangHui     2020-04-06
If you want to experience the loudest explosions, the clearest symphony orchestras, the loudest guitar or deepest base then there is only one option for you. It is the cutting edge digital media cable. It is the Toslink optical cable is the best cable option for your home theatre sound needs. Unlike a regular audio cable, which uses electricity to transmit data, it converts and then transmits data and information as pulses of red light. These pulses of light travel down optical fibers, these fibers are as a thin as a human hair and often made of glass or plastic. Due to the size of these fibers the it is able to contain more fibers than a regular data cable and therefore effectively enabling it to be able to send more and better quality data. It is the ability to send information in the form of light that provides the best optical cable performance. By sending data without using electricity this cable ensures that this data is not exposed to interference from outside sources, and thereby eliminating hum and interference. Additionally each cable is a shielded by a plastic or resin coating. This coating or layer protects the fiber optic cables. The covered cable comes in a variety of lengths, however for best results it is recommended to keep each cable under five meters in length. The optical cable is the best cable option currently available for the transmission of digital surround sound to your home theatre or music system. It transmits sound via optical fibers, it is this high-quality optical fiber that ensures the highest levels of audio clarity. Moreover the it is able to send data at lighting fast speeds of over 180,000k/ms thus eliminating any lag in sound between what you see and what you hear. Best of all it is easy to use and install thanks to the Toslink adaptor. This Toslink adaptor has become standard on all manner of consumer, prosumer and professional home theatre and audio devices. For speed and simplicity of use the Toslink optical cable optical is the best option. If you demand the best sound experience from your home theatre you must use an this cable. The Toslink cable is the best for delivery of crystal clear DTS and Dolby Digital surround sound. With a Toslink cable you can deliver the best quality sound from your DVD player, laptop, Blu-Ray player, Play Station 3, Personal Computer, or Xbox 360 to your home theatre or surround sound system for full 5.1 immersion. But it does not stop there each cable is also capable of to delivering up to eight channels of digital sound. So whether you enjoy listening to music, cheering on your team, playing Halo 3 or enjoying a thrilling car chase, make sure you are using an optical cable to ensure the best quality sound and home entertainment experience.
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