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What's Current and Recent About Digital Camera

by:ChangHui     2020-04-26
The latest direction in the last few years seems to be the compact, portable and slim, but fully functional cameras with a lens with more powerful than the average zoom lens. The trend is moving forwards thinner electronic devices, something that started with phones, computer screens, etc. The reasoning behind the popularity of these thin and compact devices are that they are also stylish, easy to take with, and at the same time not losing any functionality or features. These compact type cameras are great for adults, kids, smaller children or even professionals with compulsive need to take pictures instantly. These small, lightweight and very practical cameras are a bit more expensive than the standard digital cameras, but the bigger price-tag also brings a great set of additional features too, including virtually no shutter lag, more powerful optical zoom, 14 or 16 megapixels, and more advanced features. There are many of these type cameras available, and we wouldn't recommend anything with less than 14 megapixels, in fact, we would choose a model with 16 megapixel, giving you super high quality pictures, even when you enlarge them to any size, or print your photos out on A3 or even on A2 size paper. One of the cameras that fits well into this class is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25, it features a 16MP, 8x Optical Zoom, set of intelligent sensors, latest hardware and software all fitted into compact casing. This camera can accomplish it all, it's stylish and it's very small, and it doesn't cost as much you would expect either. Many of the latest digital cameras have intelligent image processing methods, including: intelligent zoom which can make pictures much sharper while zooming in, a better focus in all corners of the photo, much faster and improved autofocus features and much much more. The Panasonic FH25 has all of the latest technologies and advancements built-in. The Lumix FH25 delivers exceptional image quality, thanks to the integrated 16 megapixel sensor. The 8x Optical Zoom is quite common these days, but only with more expensive cameras. The Lumix DMC-FH25 delivers this magnificent zoom in a very attractive price tag. The 8x magnification brings further-away objects much closer. This compact camera also comes with an optical image stabilizer, this really helps to make sharper pictures while zooming in. Digital cameras equipped with digital image stabilizers cannot be compared to optical stabilizer, shooting an object even from a small distance with software-based stabilizer can make the object blurry and distorted. This also applies for the digital zoom. The array of features can be important purchasing a digital compact camera. Most of the newer camera features include: image stabilizer (optical), redeye reduction, continuous shooting, self timer, color effects, face/smile detection, and more.
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