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Why Are Crystals Rare?

by:ChangHui     2020-08-12

The peak showcases a beveled etched semi-circle with carved golf ball placed within the heart. The soft edge cobalt blue crystal base offers steadiness, color contrast with the smooth contour of the clear crystal makes for a refined look. This award speaks to the high praise deserving of a recipient exhibiting great performance.

Made of 5/8” thick clear optic crystal, this pleasant apple is an effective way to point out appreciation for the academics in your life. With a green crystal leaf for a splash of color, and attached to a black crystal base, this piece could be customized and offered in a velvet lined reward field. Mounted to a transparent crystal base, this elegant design can be personalised to acknowledge and honor excellence in achievement. Its isotropic crystal structure doesn't trigger birefringence. As a part of the Nik Meller Golf Award Series the Bombay crystal award highlights an elegantly shaped clear crystal curved ellipse.

The sides catch and mirror the light lending a dramatic impact to the understated magnificence of this piece, and provides options for personalization. Packaged in a velvet lined present box, this tower is the last word in recognition. This free-standing solid crystal piece is faceted on the edges and back with a flat front and slanted prime.

The facets catch and replicate the sunshine lending a dramatic impact to the understated magnificence of this piece. Personalized to honor your prime performers or milestone occasions and packaged in a velvet lined present field, this tower is the last word in recognition. This multi-faceted Arrowhead crystal has beveled edges to reflect color and light-weight. Mounted on a transparent crystal base, it can be personalized to honor top achievers and milestone occasions in your organization.

This crystal globe comes packaged in a lined presentation box. This free-standing stable crystal piece is faceted to create a big diamond formed area on every of the four sides.

The clear crystal base is recessed on the high to hold the crystal globe. The base has ample room for personalization to make this premier crystal piece a glowing recognition of excellence or show of appreciation.
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