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With nine shaft l high-speed take place: three suction nozzle

by:ChangHui     2020-06-15
Speed according to take different conditions change. L take place high precision, high precision four axis X, Y, Z, U can add visual system corrections to the lens precision agglutination, flatness and coaxial degree in um level. L high domestic sex: the machine model can by changing location and suction nozzle, rotary table can realize a variety of types of lens agglutination, ensure follow-up process arrangement. L job functions: l DiHuan line continuous operation cost: only change the corresponding change of products of the suction nozzle and the rotary table location fixture, reducing operating costs to a minimum. L corresponding: clean room equipment installed with standard 3 um filter, and the electrostatic ion blow air system to ensure equipment clean, apply to clean room environment.
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